Plan With Me: How To Structure Your Day

Have you ever been so stress before a midterm or final exam? Do you often think that the tasks are too much to take?

If your answer is “yes”, why don’t you join me? Let’s get organized!

My weekend routine

Get a calendar!

Why is a calendar important? People’s brains are better than a machine, but it is not stable like a machine sometimes. Why? Because people forget. We cannot stop people from forgetting, but we can keep our memory fresh every day. A calendar can help you remind you which days are important, how many days are away from exams, and much more. Be prepared for anything that could happen in the future, which can help you be less stressed before exams or assignments due dates.

Every time a new exam schedule or deadline is posted, update your calendar. Use different colour pens to indicate different categories of things in your life, such as work, study, due dates. For me, I use red to represent the day that it is an exam.

Normally, I will create the calendar on Excel and then print it out because I can put it under my transparent desk mat and check it every time when I am studying. Be comfortable to use any calendars you like, but make sure to put it in a place you can easily check every time.

Crossing the day that is passed will make you really feel that time is moving fast, and keep you responsible.

Use your phone’s calendar 

I just use the desktop calendar when I am studying, so most time I still use the calendar on my phone,  since it is impossible for me to carry a heavy planner with me every day.

The phone is the thing you carry with you every day and everywhere and it is the perfect and most convenient tool that you can have. Moreover, it can update your schedule right away after you connect the calendar to your email。



Make a to-do list every day!

When you decide to start your study today,  the best way to improve your productivity is to sit down with a piece of paper and write anything you have to do today.  After you have your tasks written down, it will “force” you to finish it.

Screenshot_2019-02-17-23-53-04-811_D Notes

Start your day by completing your most important task!

Before you wake up every morning,  you should know what you will do today.  Make a list in your mind and set priorities on your list, which things you have to be done today, which things can be done later.

If you are so busy during your final period, you must learn how you use your limit time to make your outcome more productive.


Complicated projects

Sometimes, the task that you want to do is combined with a lot of detailed projects, such as your long-term plan and your short-term plan. Get an outline or checklists by sequence before you ready to do those.

The app called “Mindly” can help you build your own universe.  Once you get your outline you can follow your sequence and begin from the most important project.

Sounds easy to do, right?

Do not think that making a plan is wasting time. One minute planning can help you save time when you implement your tasks.  As long as you know what you should do every day, and get everything important done right away, you will find out you can do better than you think.

So, let’s structure our life together and become more productive and successful! Let me know in the comments below what you usually do to keep organized.