How To Make The Most of Your Time at TRU Before Graduation

Do you actually have smart strategies to prepare for what it takes for securing a job upon graduation?

You may be surprised to know that the following things should be done as soon as possible before graduation if you want to be confident to jump in a very competitive labour workforce out there. Does that sound scary? Do not be too worried though, and just stay calm as TRU will accompany you on the path to your success.

Use Social Media to connect with employers

Get online and make the most of LinkedIn and social media to connect with employers. If you do not know about LinkedIn, it is a great social media platform that enables you to connect with countless professionals across various industries. At TRU, the Career and Experiential Learning Department supports students in giving good advice on creating a LinkedIn profile and they also offer a free headshot photo session to make sure you have a professional-looking photo for your LinkedIn profile.

Get involved on campus

Be involved in activities on campus, student clubs and seek leadership positions within them. TRU offers great opportunities for volunteering. You may want to become a volunteer helping the new international students throughout the International Students Orientation Week at the beginning of each semester. It’s fun, rewarding and great experiences when you get to make lots of amazing friends.

Also, do you know that there are over 80 student clubs on campus? The student clubs aim to create the learning and growing environments for students on campus. Over time being part of the student club, activities on campus, you will become increasingly confident so that you can step up in leadership roles.

Seek help from the experts

Visit the Career and Experiential Learning office which is located at 1712 OM building where you can seek great advice on your career path and what you need to prepare for from the career advisors.

Gain valuable work experience while studying

Become a co-op student. The Co-op Program is a great and valuable opportunity for any students to gain practical experiences in the real-world work environment. You will get to expose to actual settings in which you can put your knowledge in practice at a very early stage of your career. More importantly, you get paid when doing your co-op program.

Attend as many events as you can!

Expand your personal networks and connect with professionals, employers of your field throughout the networking events, on-campus job fairs. There are many networking events such as Accounting Night, Business Gala, among others, taking place year around on campus. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Join professional associations

Join professional associations that are related to your field as a student member. Being part of a professional association while you are still a student will help you know more about who is working and what is happening in your industry. By talking with the professionals in your field, you will gain an early perspective on job and market trends so that you can better prepare and make yourself stand out when you apply for a job in the future.

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What are your tips to make the most of your time at TRU before graduation? Share them below!