15 Unique Opportunities You Can Take Advantage of at TRU

TRU offers many great experiences that students can be a part of, such as student clubs, varsity teams, free fitness classes, and the Study Abroad Program, but there are many more!

1. Global Competency

Global Competency is a credential that can be earned in tandem with any credit program – undergraduate or graduate – offered by Thompson Rivers University. Global Competency gives you documented evidence of knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a globally-minded citizen. All students are welcome to participate whether they are on-campus or Open Learning students.

You can earn this credential by signing up for GLBL 1000 which is a one-credit course. Students have to get pre-approval from the coordinator before registering for the course, and students are recommended that they are close to the 12 point requirement.

Students can enroll in the course at any time during their studies if they meet the point requirements. Graduates have up to one year (12 months) after graduation to complete their application for Global Competency.

When you have completed your Global competency course you will have it formally noted on your transcript, and it will be acknowledged with a certificate upon graduation!

2. Field Schools

A field school is a TRU course for credit or non-credit offered in another country, and they are:

  • Low cost based on group travel rates
  • Great for first-time travellers
  • Great for students wishing to join a short-term trip
  • Great opportunity to visit a new country

About TRU field schools

  • Led by a TRU faculty member
  • Vary between 2 to 6 weeks
  • For-credit schools can be applied to program or degree
  • Open to all campus and Open Learning students
  • Open to students not attending TRU
  • Most operate during in April, May and June
  • Field Schools are supported by but not operated by the Study Abroad Centre
  • All students approved by faculty qualify automatically for the International Mobility Award

TRU has 5 upcoming field schools which can be found here.

Field schools count toward the Global Competency Credential.

3. Short Term Summer Programs

These short term summer programs are just like normal study abroad programs, but they can run two, three, four, and six weeks in length. Students can participate during May, June and July. These programs typically cover accommodation costs, some meals and cultural activities. Students will continue to register and pay tuition to TRU for one or two courses like a traditional exchange but pay all other fees directly to the partner school.

This option may be perfect for students who do not want to live abroad for four or more months and is a cheaper alternative than a full study abroad.

For more information on these short term summer programs, click here.

Short term summer programs count toward the Global Competency Credential.

4. Study Abroad Ambassadors

When you get back from studying abroad through the TRU Study Abroad Program, you can apply to be a Study Abroad Ambassador!

As an ambassador, you work with a team to promote the Study Abroad Program across campus, help students applying for the program, host events, and act as advocates for the international experience.

Ambassadors receive a $2,000 tuition waiver generously funded by TRU World, and being an ambassador counts toward the Global Competency Credential.

To learn more about the benefits, duties, and how to become an ambassador, click here.

5. Social Media Ambassador

International Social Media Ambassadors promote TRU as a study destination through social media channels, attend and promote events, a blog on ourTRU.ca, and create weekly digital content to be posted on TRU World’s social media channels.

To find out how to apply, click here.

6. Brand Ambassadors

SoBE’s (School of Business and Economics) marketing and communications team is looking for students to help take their platforms to the next level! Students from all majors who are interested in social media, blogging, video production, marketing, photography, and event planning are invited to apply.

For more about the qualifications, benefits, and how to apply, please click here.

7. Co-op Designation

The Co-op designation is a credential, and students earning this credential will have it formally noted on their official TRU transcript and will have it acknowledged at the convocation ceremony.

To achieve the Co-op designation at Thompson Rivers University, students must complete a minimum number of work terms in their degree or diploma. Students in a four-year degree program must complete a minimum of three work-terms, while students in a two-year diploma program must complete a minimum of two work-terms in order to receive their Co-op designation.

8. Co-op Abroad

You may know that TRU offers co-operative opportunities across Canada, but did you know that they offer opportunities abroad?

The purpose of the Co-op Abroad option is to educate current students in the global arena. Students considering working overseas should allow up to eight months before departure for planning and visa application processing.

Contact your Co-op program coordinator for more information on the application process to Co-op Abroad and overseas opportunities.

9. Co-op Student of the Year

This annual award recognizes outstanding achievement in all aspects of the Co-op student’s performance, including academic achievement, work term learning, job achievement/employer evaluation, personal statement, contribution to co-operative education, and contribution to extra-curricular activities and the community. The award will be noted on the recipient’s TRU transcript.

In addition, the TRU Co-op Student of the Year award recipient will be nominated for the Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL) and Association of Cooperative Education, BC & Yukon (ACE) Student of the Year awards.


  • To promote outstanding student achievement in Co-operative Education
  • To highlight TRU Co-op Students and Employers and recognize their contributions
  • To provide support and funding (via monetary award) to high-achieving students

For more information on eligibility, criteria, and how to apply, please click here.

10. WorkStudy Program

WorkStudy is a TRU funded financial assistance program that offers an opportunity for Canadian students to work part-time on campus in positions that accommodate their studies.

The advantages of the WorkStudy Program are:

  • Assists students in financial need with a regular source of income that does not add to their debt load.
  • It offers students training and experience that will assist them in further studies and their eventual entrance into the workforce.
  • Allows students to help staff and faculty with projects and initiatives that would otherwise not be completed.

For more information on the program, click here.

11. Leadership in Environmental Sustainability Credential

Leadership in Environmental Sustainability is a credential that can be earned in tandem with any credit program – undergraduate or graduate – offered by Thompson Rivers University. All students are welcome to participate whether they are on campus or Open learning students.

The credential formally recognizes the environmental competencies – knowledge, skills, awareness and attitudes of an environmental sustainability citizen – acquired by students through their educational experiences.

When students are close to the required 12 points and interested in completing the one-credit course ENSU 1000 (one credit course), they will need to be pre-approved to add it to their course schedule.

Students earning this credential will have it formally noted on their official TRU transcript and will have it acknowledged at the convocation ceremony!

12. Research Assistant

Both graduate and undergraduate students may be hired as research assistants. Student research assistants are hired as employees of TRU. A student research assistant does work directly related to the mandate of the research funding.

For more information about becoming a research assistant, please click here.

13. Campus Radio

Did you know TRU has its own radio station? Located in House 8, CFBX is a campus-based community station that adheres to the policies, ideas and ideals of other campus radio stations.

It is an alternative radio station that specializes in local programming and offers music and spoken-word shows that range from classical to industrial, with plenty of international and unique shows added to the mix.

The station is in House 8 on the TRU campus. It is always looking for volunteers to help in various capacities.

Here is information on volunteer opportunities and how to host on the radio channel.

14. LEAP Program

Throughout the year, TRU LEAP provides international and domestic students the opportunity to:

  • Meet students from other countries
  • Explore Kamloops and region
  • Participate in year-round events
  • Help plan and organize activities

Students can participate in events and activities such as snowboarding, skiing, seasonal parties, hockey games, shopping trips, wine tours, whitewater rafting, and so much more. 

If you are interested in volunteering for the parties or larger events that take place in the Fall and Winter semesters please leave your contact information at the LEAP desk in the International Building (IB1004, beside the elevator).

Contact Jillian at [email protected] or join LEAP on Facebook for more information on the latest events!

15. Live Theatre

Did you know that TRU has a theatre and there are performances every semester? The theatre is located on the first floor of Old Main (by Starbucks) and to get season tickets, please contact [email protected].

Click here for a look at upcoming performances and how to purchase them!

Comment below if you have done any of these opportunities and tell us how it went! If you know of other unique opportunities at TRU, add them below!