China to Canada: Reminiscing About My Years in Kamloops

Hi! My name is Jingyu Li (JY鲸鱼). Why do I like people called me JY?  It is simple because it is so different that I never need to worry about have the same English name as someone else on campus.


I have been here for over two years. There are a lot of memories of me and TRU.  Back in 2016, I just graduated from high school and came here alone. At first, I had no ideas about what I should do at the university. I even cannot talk fluently with my host family. But I fell in love with Kamloops in 2 days. Until today,  I still cannot forget how beautiful the fall is. 

Riverside Park is one of the most beautiful locations during the Fall!

I love outdoor activities (only in the fall), and I usually go hiking with a group of a few volunteer guides. The view is amazing when you arrive at the peak. Of course, the best thing is to meet more people and discover more stories on your journey.

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BTW, I watched the bike game in 2016, It was awesome too

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Winter was so cold that I was wearing layers like every day, but it still cannot stop me from discovering  Kamloops. I always see swans at Riverside Park!

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I saw people playing hockey on the frozen lake in a small park. I wish I can learn skating someday…

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It was the first time that I had ever seen this heavy snow, but it was like a magic dreamland of winter for me.

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During the winter of 2016, I remembered we can see polar light in Kamloops. so pity that I missed it.

Halloween in Canada

You cannot miss the Ghost Train! I was so excited to volunteer for this event although I felt a little bit weird at that moment (2016)…

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Another thing that you shouldn’t miss in the winter is skiing with your friends in Sun Peaks. It will be a nice place to spend your weekend with your friends.




This picture was taken on the 2017 Chinese Spring Festival Gala. If you never leave your hometown like a 12 hours flight, you will never understand how much I miss my family and the gorgeous bloom of fireworks.

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It probably was the first time in my life to really understand the word “homesick”.

I am so glad that there are always some close friends who spend the spring festival with me and make me not feel so lonely.





For  2018 & 2019, I always participated in the Chinese New Year Gala and enjoyed the moment that I was on the stage. Because of that, I met lots of fun people during this journey.





There are two things that I really recommend to you guys to try it during summer: White Water Rafting, Hot Nite in the City and Canada Day Celebrations.


TRU LEAP will sell the tickets during the Summer semester. The tickets run out so fast if you want to get some exciting journey. Don’t miss this one! It was super, super fun!(Although I hated that the water all over my feet and washed all my makeup off).

If you stay in Kamloops for summer and you are also a car lover, you will never want to miss this out!  There were a lot of fine and classic cars in the street.

Fireworks are always the best. If you take the train to Riverside Park, it will be more than awesome.

Currently in Kamloops


It is the beginning of my third-year journey, and I am so happy.  I can’t wait to listen to your stories of Kamloops.