Benefits of Being a Domestic Student in a Diverse Campus

Undoubtedly, TRU is a leading destination in Canada for international students. Some programs, like the Master of Business Administration program, have many international students enrolled each semester.

Taking the aforementioned into account, how often is it that we obtain insights from a domestic student regarding their experience of forming part of a diverse academic environment within their own homeland country of Canada? Alanna Cairns, a current on-campus MBA student, gladly shares her experience of being a domestic student within an international on-campus academic environment.

What grabbed your attention about the TRU MBA program?

The fact that TRU offers a really flexible program where I can take courses online or on-campus was a big selling point because it allowed me to start my MBA earlier than other schools, while I was still working full-time and earning an income. 

It’s also very close to my hometown so I can go home to see family often, which is really important to me and overall helps me stay balanced and happy. 

Are there any benefits of being part of a diverse MBA class? Is there anything that you have learned or that has helped you in your personal or professional development from this experience?

It’s definitely valuable to be exposed to so many diverse cultures and points of view, especially with the global economic trends moving toward a new Eastern resurgence. It’s interesting to hear the “insiders’ perspective” when discussing global economies and business strategies rather than just theorizing about what’s changing on the other side of the world.

I plan to work for a multinational company when I graduate so I’d love to strengthen the connections with my peers because you never know where you’ll end up five years down the road and it’s always nice to see a familiar face when living abroad. 

Being a domestic student in the MBA program, do you feel it is easy for you to connect with international students, and vice-versa?

I’ve always loved meeting new people from interesting backgrounds, and have done a fair bit of travelling, so I don’t feel overwhelmed. It definitely helps that I’m a curious and outgoing person.  

Most people so far have been very open and collaborative and I’ve really enjoyed sharing some authentic meals with my classmates. 

The MBA course is very demanding and I feel like there’s not a lot of time to socialize, especially when you add work into the equation. But it is super important to develop a support network to help each other get through it all, so I want to spend more time prioritizing relationships with my classmates next semester. 

SoBE organizes a dinner social for students each semester in honour of the MBA graduates from each cohort, and it’s a good opportunity to hang out with everyone in a different setting.  

Doing an MBA is a serious investment of time and money, but being successful in business depends on not just intellect but also the strength of your relationships.  

Overall, how has your experience been so far being an MBA student and would you recommend this experience to fellow Canadians?

Overall, it’s been an enriching experience which has made me want to travel the world to better understand my classmates. 

I would definitely recommend this program to fellow Canadians because it gives you the chance to broaden your horizons and understand the business from many diverse perspectives.

.. and there you have it! If you see Alanna on campus, do not hesitate to say hi and to share your own TRU experience with her!

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