Club Spotlight: TRUSU Taxation Club

Are you worried about how to file your tax return? Do not worry! The TRUSU Taxation Club can help you to file your tax for free

Residents of Canada, including, international students must file a tax return every year, and you can easily do that virtually in the Tax Assistance Clinic Sessions. 

TRUSU Taxation Club 2020 Board with founding president Swagatam | Source:

TRUSU Taxation Club hosts an annual tax clinic to help students understand and file taxes for free. You might be thinking about why you must file your tax return. Because as a student, you might be working part-time, or paying your tuition, or buying some things while you study in Canada, and you will be paying taxes as per Canadian law. The good part, you can receive some credits back when you file the taxes each year. To learn more about tax filing, check out our Blog on Filing Taxes in Canada as an International Student

I met with the Ekaterina, Current President of the Taxation Club, to learn more about them. The founding president and an accounting student, Swagatam Majmudar, decided four years ago to start the club because he wanted to assist students in filing their taxes. He was eager to help students to save money and willing to provide support for free. 

At that time to encourage his initiative accounting professor, Ivan agreed to help, and he is the number one source in training the volunteers to make sure they avoid any complications while helping students file their taxes. KPMG and CIBC are some of the companies that have agreed to sponsor the TRUSU Taxation Club since day one, and that brought more recognition to attract more students to the Club. 

Before the pandemic, these companies participated in events and provided opportunities for students to network. Last year, TRUSU Taxation hosted an orientation on-board over 150 volunteers. This year, due to COVID-19, they still had significant numbers of volunteers who are ready to learn and help with taxes. 

Volunteers and Executive team at Orientation of 2019. Source: TRUSU Taxation Club

The current president of the club, Ekaterina, is a business student majoring in accounting, and she shared some tips for succeeding in filing your tax return:

The club is always willing to help students and look for new members to volunteer. If you would like to help them or have a question about the tax return you can contact them by email at [email protected].

To stay updated on what they are planning next, follow them on Facebook at trusutac and on Linkedin at trusutac.