5 Things to Do at Home While Social Distancing That Will Cost You Almost Nothing

Being advised to stay at home due to the recent coronavirus outbreak may leave some of us wondering with the question: what should I do at home? Here are five things you can do at home (at almost no cost!) as you help the rest of the world flatten the curve.

Declutter your space

We all have that one spot in our living space that has become our go-to area to dump things that we feel are not important right now that we “might need later”, but let’s be real here – do you really need them? If you don’t even remember what’s in that pile, chances are you probably don’t even need them in the first place.

Decluttering has been proven to improve your mental well-being, and with all the time you have during this social distancing period, why not dedicate some time to sort out your belongings?

P.S. If you haven’t heard of the decluttering guru Marie Kondo, you are definitely missing out. I recommend you to check out her practices for a more efficient way of conquering your mess.

Tackle your to-do list

While this one may not be as exciting as the rest of this post, trust me, your future self will thank you for getting these chores out of the way, especially those bigger errands that you never got around to doing during the semester.

Get your taxes filed, organize your school handouts, wash your beddings, and enjoy that satisfied feeling after you’ve checked off all the things from your list!

Learn a new skill

We’re so lucky to be living in the Internet era because there is an endless supply of lessons and tutorials on the Internet, and the best part of it is there are some that come at no cost at all. You could learn something as simple as how to juggle, learn a new language using Duolingo, or if you’re feeling a little lazy, just browse through some cool guides!

For me personally, earlier this semester, I got myself into meal prepping—which, by the way, has saved me a lot of time and money and I couldn’t recommend it enough to other students—and I will be using this time to try out all the new recipes I never had the time to try before.

Work(out) From Home

Gyms and fitness studios such as Kamloops’ Oxygen Yoga & Fitness are temporarily transitioning to live online workout sessions on their social media pages, and most of them are free, so be sure to follow your local gym’s social media pages to keep yourself up-to-date with their live sessions schedule!

If you’d rather do your workout sessions at your own time at home, check out some of these free phone apps that offer guided at-home exercises. There are also tips on how to make your own gym equipment using household items for those of you who miss your gym equipment.

Binge TV shows

Did you know that as a student, you can get access to Amazon’s streaming service, Amazon Prime Video, for free for 6 months? Don’t miss out on great shows like Mr. Robot or Good Omens and sign up now here.

If you already have an active subscription on Netflix, check out our blog post that one of our students Madison wrote about the top 5 shows she’s currently watching on Netflix.

Now go ahead and reward yourself with an episode or two (or you know, a whole season!) of your favourite TV show after you finish your online assignments. You more than deserve it!

These are only five out of the many, many things you can do at home while you self-isolate. Let me know what else you are doing in the comments below!

All pictures used are taken from pexels.com.