8 Things To Do in Kamloops

Riverside Park

One of the best spots in Kamloops is Riverside Park! So much stuff happens here. Especially in summer, Riverside is the go-to spot because of its many activities like daily Music in the Park and Scoopz Ice Cream!

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Photo by Michelle McAleese (@mmcaleese_)
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Art Exhibits at the Kamloops Public Library

The art exhibits that happen in the Kamloops Public Library in Downtown are underrated. These exhibits change every couple of months and range greatly! From interactive sculptures to abstract pictures, art at the library is always an incredible experience!

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Photo by Carolina Bovi (@carolbovi)

BC Wildlife Park

The BC Wildlife Park is one of the main attractions in Kamloops. It’s just on the outskirts of Kamloops, and bus #17 takes you there. All the animals in the park are rescues, and the park focuses on educating its visitors, as well as helping animal populations in the area.

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Photo by Mary Putnam (@mary.locations)


Kamloops counts with so many hiking spots! Many of these spots not only offer hiking trails but usually, they are accompanied by a lake or river! You don’t have to go far to find a good hike, just in the heart of Kamloops you can find the Kenna Cartwright, as well as Peterson Creek Park, which has more than one trail and more than one entrance!

If you have the chance to go a bit further, it takes about 30 minutes driving to Paul Lake or Lake Le Blanc!

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Have a cup of coffee

Coffee is never hard to find in Kamloops! There are so many nice, small coffee shops that allow a place for studying, or a nice chat with friends! A favourite of mine is Art We Are or Ah Yay! in Downtown!

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Photo by Mary Putnam (@mary.locations)

Aberdeen Mall and Cineplex Cinema

The Aberdeen Mall is always fun to visit! It has two floors and is filled with shops, from sport-related items to clothes stores to book shops! It also counts with a food court, so that you can grab a bite when shopping! And if you have extra time, you can always catch a movie at the Cineplex Cinema!

Farmer’s Market

The farmers market happens in St. Paul Street, in Downtown. It happens every Wednesday and Saturday morning! There you can find local handmade products of all types, fruits and veggies and even pet accessories! It’s always a great idea to go check the latest products in the food market!

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Photo by Ken Laven

Unique movies at the Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre is a small theatre located in Downtown. From the outside, it has a very vintage look that instantly attracts you to it! In this movie theatre, you’ll most likely find older or local movies, these can also come with activities like costume contests or interactive movies! The Paramount Theatre is an affordable and unique experience that I recommend to everybody!

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Photo by Kamloops Film Festival (@kamloopsfilmfestival)

What are your favourite things to do in Kamloops? Let us know in the comments!