How To Find a Job in Canada

Finding a job while you are abroad is always one of the most frequent asked questions I have from new students. There are a variety of ways to find a job, but I will share with you some of the opportunities I have experienced to get a job while studying in Canada, specifically in Kamloops.

Career and Experiential Learning office

Do you know that the Career and Experiential Learning Department provides wonderful assistance for creating your resume and cover letter, preparing for interviews and in searching for job availabilities? I have access to various part-time and full-time job opportunities, volunteer options, abroad working experiences and co-op possibilities thanks to their broad networking with lots of well-known employers and organizations across Canada.

Visit the Career and Experiential Learning website or drop by their office in Old Main 1712, book an appointment with one of their incredible co-ordinators, get your resume and cover letter approved and apply for your dream jobs. It is really as easy as it sounds!

Job Fairs and Career Networking activities on campus

Watch out for career fairs happening right on campus throughout the year such as the Job Fair and the Business Gala in March, Networking Workshops, Connect: Tourism Management Career Mentoring in January, and many more events focusing on different fields.

They are perfect occasions for you to dress up, get to know about people working in your professional field, present yourself and stay connected with businesses.

Club and class activities

Did you know that there are numerous active clubs on campus in different subjects of your interest? Did you know that by going to a workshop you may get a chance to apply for your favourite job from a guest speaker? And that volunteering for an event you may impress them by your excellent skills and enthusiasm and end up with a job? Nothing can’t happen at TRU!

Moreover, in almost every class, we usually have guest speakers who are experts in the field to come and chat with us about our career paths. Last year, my classmate actually got interviewed and hired by one of the guest speakers of our class. How cool is that? Don’t forget to do a little bit of research on your guest speaker and his organization, and of course, prepare yourself to grab your chance anytime!

Your Professors

Your instructors always want to see their students succeed in the field they are pursuing. Come to class, talk to your professor, pay attention because they will introduce to you tons of cool opportunities. In my case, my event professor always shares many volunteer opportunities and paid jobs throughout a semester whenever he gets notifications from event organizers in town. It works out great!

Social Media Networking

Do you know that many job postings can be found through social media channels of TRU? It includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, websites of not only TRU World but also various departments and clubs on campus. To give an example, it is not surprising to see job postings from Tourism Kamloops on TRU Tourism Department’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Don’t forget to follow your favourite TRU Facebook page and Instagram accounts to make sure you don’t miss out on any amazing events and opportunities!

All things considered, there are many ways to find a part-time, full-time or co-op jobs in Kamloops. I am sure you can work on it on your own, but these connections and services are very supportive and always available on campus for you to succeed. Take advantage of the great connection TRU tries to build up with you and for you to figure out your most suitable job.

If you need proof, I am here raising my hand as a perfect example who is in love with my part-time job and passionately working onto my co-op work terms very soon thanks to wonderful people, events and networks on campus!

I would love to hear about your experiences of looking for a job in Kamloops so don’t hesitate to share with me in the comment below 😊