5 Things to Do This Winter Break in Kamloops

Winter break is usually a time to visit home and spend time with family, unfortunately sometimes going home isn’t an option. Not going home for the holidays can be tough, more when most of your friends leave, and the weather is getting colder and colder; fortunately, just because you won’t be able to go home doesn’t mean it’ll be a sad break! There are plenty of things to make your winter break fun and enjoyable!

New friends

You are never the only person who isn’t able to go home. Many times it feels like that, but winter break, when your usual friends leave, is a great time to leave your comfort zone, and get to know those acquaintances you’ve only small talked with! Or even make new friends and explore the community!

Winter sports

Rookie or newbie, doesn’t matter. Winter break offers a great amount of time to learn a sport, and maybe even create a hobby. Kamloops is the tournament capital of Canada and offers plenty of spots to exercise and have fun! From snowboarding to snowshoeing, you can find an enjoyable sport for everyone!

Picture from: Raquel Salinas


Winter break can be a great time to volunteer! With the weather getting worse, and people in need being alone for the holidays, there is plenty to do to help! Volunteering is always a great way to get involved with the community, meanwhile helping others and making yourself feel good!

Take in the view

If you are like me and come from a country with no snow, winter looks quite beautiful. Go out for a safe hike! Look at the snow-covered trees, see the decorated houses that look like gingerbread houses, take a breath of fresh air, find a frozen lake and walk over it! Live your winter!

*Bonus*: With winter taking over, the days get shorter and shorter. With darker days, strolls around town can become dangerous as a pedestrian, visit IB 3rd floor for some high-visibility stickers that’ll allow cars to see you better at night!


Winter break is one of the only times you can work full time if you are an international student like me, so take the opportunity and make some money as well as gain experience in a Canadian workplace!

I hope this helps all of you who can’t go home! Enjoy your break and

Remember to stay warm!