Course Registration: Everything You Need to Know

If you see yourself or friends struggling with registering for courses, the tips below will help make this task easier.

Have a specific plan on what courses you are going to take for the next semesters

You will get an email from the International Admissions Team informing the course planning resources are available, and you can start planning courses for the upcoming semesters. Remember to keep an eye on it. You will then log in to myTRU and start planning on the desired courses beforehand.

The myTRU platform enables you to plan 2 semesters in advance. For example, in early summer, you will get an email as to planning the courses for both Fall and Winter semesters. At this point, you have ample time to carefully select the sections that best fit your schedules. 

Register your planned courses during the assigned time and do not wait until too late

Students of various programs will be assigned to register the courses at different points of time. So be mindful of the time that you are supposed to do it. When the registration system is available, you should quickly log in to myTRU and transfer whatever courses had planned to a status of being registered. This process is fast and should not take you too much time. As for some specific courses, the classes tend to be filled at a breakneck pace. Be aware of that, and do this step promptly! 

If you are waitlisted, do not panic. You may have a chance to get in the desired class!

Do not freak out when you see your name on a waitlist. It is not the end of the world. You should know that in case someone cannot make it to the class or they decided to withdraw themselves from the class, you’ll have a chance to register. If you get an email notifying you can register for the class, it means you have 24 hours to do it since you got the email. After this time without doing it, this opportunity just passed. So be as fast as you can to secure a spot in the class that you are on a waitlist for.

Do not give up your hope if the first session of the desired class will start tomorrow and you are still on a waitlist.

Keep up attending the class and let your instructor know you are on a waitlist. You need to be present for at least 2 sessions in a row since the class started. You will get a chance to have your name put on an official list of the class if someone withdrew from the class or the instructor has accepted to let you in the class. 

Are you a new student?

The process for new students can be different. Once you are accepted and paid your fees at TRU, you will receive an email from your Academic Advisors regarding course planning and registration. If you have questions about your registration, contact your academic or program advisors directly.

Congratulations! You have been through all the steps necessary for successful course registration to secure a spot in the TRU class. Wish you have a great semester ahead.