9 Reasons Why You Should Join the Human Resource Management Club

Connect with other HR students

A club is an excellent place for you to get to know and keep in touch with other like-minded students who you might not have a chance to talk too much in class, or after class, as you get hectic with your daily life.

The best advice from the HR Advisor on your career path and HR knowledge

A professor supports the HR club as an HR advisor who is willing to give the club members the best advice. Students, as club members, have an excellent opportunity to learn experiences from the advisor.

Chance to connect with Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR)

Getting to know and becoming a member of CPHR, you will get tons of resources for your HR knowledge growth, and you get to connect with the local HR professionals. Connecting with HR professionals while you are still a student is a valuable opportunity for your professional career path and future job opportunities.

A great place to try out new things and put whatever you have learned in practice

The club is a playground for students to try out new things and apply knowledge to reality. Let’s say you are taking your course of HR Staffing and Planning, and you now want to see how the interview types and theories work. Being part of the recruitment team of the club, you will practice interviewing and selecting the best candidates for the club. The recruitment process would be the same as you would be doing as a professional recruiter in the future.

You are free to practice, learn, and grow your skills and experiences

Through your tasks and your role in the club, you will learn how to do things. Getting involved in various functions of the club, such as recruitment, marketing, event management, you will learn particular skills and experiences necessary for your future after graduation. Skills and experiences that you have acquired through the club’s activities will become valuable and make a significant contribution to your future career. You can bring them to a job interview table upon graduation.

You get trained FOR FREE

If you are a newer student and are not sure how to do things, you can learn a lot from senior students, HR advisor, and HR professionals. The club aims to create an inclusive and friendly environment where people would love to share their knowledge and experiences. The junior students are encouraged to freely ask and learn from seniors who might have better HR knowledge and skills. For example, if you’re a BBA student who has not yet decided on your Major, you may learn about HR and consider if you should pursue it as a career.

Build valuable networks with HR people: students, advisor, professionals

The broader your network is, the more benefits you will get. This is about building relationships, and it will come back to reward you over time as your career grows. So, keep that in mind as you develop your professional networks.

Boost your chances of landing a job after graduation

There is an estimate of 60%-70% jobs that are filled through networking. It means that the more people you know, the better your chances of landing a job. Make the most of your time at university to build up and maintain your professional network; it means you are boosting the chance of getting a job upon graduation. Do not wait till you graduate and start applying for the positions as thousands of students will do.

Your efforts will be recognized

At the end of the academic year, you will get a Certificate of Recognition, which is to recognize your achievements and efforts towards the club’s development throughout the year. The club can also give you a reference if you need it for your job application. You can put the certificate, skills, and experiences, and references on your resume. However, remember that more than a certifying document, this recognition is a reminder of the valuable lessons and skills gained through what you have learned and achieved.

If you are interested in joining the club and want to learn as well as grow yourself within it, you can reach out to by sending them a message on Facebook