Keeping Active on Campus with TRU Recreation

It is hard to find time to go to the gym and to exercise, especially when you are a full-time student, or have so many homework assignments, or during the final weeks. Moreover, when you have time, it is hard to stay consistent with a workout routine.

However, no need to worry anymore. Here is the best way for you to get some physical activities in and you do not have to do it alone while at TRU.

Welcome to Campus Fitness Classes, a drop-in class that is run by the TRU Recreation Department. They are beginner-friendly fitness classes that take place in the Fitness Studio, at the lower level of the TRU Gymnasium (Old Gym). The campus fitness classes are free for all TRU students and TRU staff. Registration is not required, but do not be showing up late because all classes are on a first-come and first-served basis.

There are many classes, including boot camp, slow flow ½ yoga, HITT it hard, boot camp circuit, freestyle, sweat express, stretch and roll & restore, and Zumba. Hence, you have a number of different choices of exercises. Do some research and find something that you would enjoy the most!

Also, there are battle ropes, dumbbells, suspension trainers, kettlebells, medicine balls, and other various fitness equipment that you can use. They also have mats for the yoga classes to keep your hands and feet in place when performing an asana.


Are you a beginner at working out? Do not worry! All levels are welcome at the fitness classes, and all classes are planned by the instructor; hence they will ensure a routine with each fitness class. Come and join the class after your lecture or even during a study break. You could also grab your friends, roommates, or instructors and convince them to join you for a class!

Taking fitness classes not only enables you to meet new people but also helps motivate you to exercise in order to complete a great workout. Choose a time that is most convenient for you, and remember: do not be late for the class!

You can check the class schedules here.