How To Use TRU’s Zero-Waste Stations Correctly

Do you know that TRU is striving to be a Zero Waste campus?

I believe that many of you have seen TRU Sustainability Office Zero-Waste Stations before, which are located everywhere on campus. On a campus with more than 28,000 students and more than 2,000 employees, it is important to use the Zero-Waste Station correctly and take action of reducing waste in order to achieve TRU’s Zero-Waste Goal!

There are over 100 of  Zero-Waste Stations across campus. But do you know how to use it correctly?


First rule: absolutely NO liquids!

Blue bin: Mixed recycling. All you need to put inside are anything with the recycling symbol, but no liquids! Also, flatten or cut boxes before throwing in this bin.

Green bin: Compost. All food, fruits and veggies, and more are put in this bin.

Red bin: Refundable. All return for refund beverage containers go in this bin but making sure be clean. When you put the containers in this bin, making sure pour liquids.

Yellow bin: Stretchy plastic. All soft plastic bags go in this bin.

Black bin: Landfill waste. Everything else goes in this bin.


We got some new Zero-Waste Stations on campus recently, which are more convenient and more sustainable! But do you think ahead when you use it?

All landfills go to the left bin; all coffee cups, lids, and sleeves go to the middle one; most important are the liquids: empty all the liquids in the right part!

*Tip: instead of using a disposable coffee cup or water bottle, bring your own. There are also many water bottle refill stations across campus.


If we are all working together, we can make TRU and the world a better place, and make a difference in diverting TRU’s waste!

Read about TRU’s Zero-Waste Plan here. Learn more about zero-waste, composting and recycling here.