10 Stages of Attending an 8:30 am Lecture

Early morning lectures are not fun, and why would anyone would want to leave your bed? Yeah, I know you can’t go to sleep early, and have set multiple alarms to get you out of your comfy and warm bed. 

Here are 10 stages you go through when attending an 8:30 am lecture:

Mentally preparing yourself the night before the class…

And maybe thinking of a nice excuse to not wake up..

Setting all your alarms, so you can wake-up early and actually attempt to make yourself a nice balanced breakfast

Because you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day isn’t it?

Once the first alarm goes off in the morning you hit the snooze button a couple of times, then devastatingly you say goodbye to your bed

You ask yourself “WHY ME?”

You drag your body trough campus with those sexy dark circles under your eyes

Just so you know, bags under your eyes are designer..

You regret not having enough sleep, even though you stayed all night watching the new season of Narcos

♫ Soy el fuego que arde tu piel, soy el agua que mata tu sed ♫

Then before having your warm cup of coffee you contemplate if university is even worth it

Should I drop out and become a YouTuber? That’s a thing right?

You bring yourself to a set, with your Tim’s, because you didn’t have time to eat (lets me honest you decided to sleep 10 min more) and notice the lecture hall is half empty

*deeply regrets*

Finally, everyone made it to the lecture and your prof is ready to start the lecture of PowerPoint slides for the next 75 minutes

You prepare yourself for an exciting day of learning, writing notes and trying to sneak your phone when the prof is not looking

You end up probably zoning out the entire time, ignoring your surroundings, but feeling good after because you made it to your 8:30 am lecture

and if no one told you they are proud of you for waking up early, I salute you because I don’t go to my morning lectures

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