Things to Do With Your #TRUfam

“In times of despair and maybe even a little loss of some hair,
Do not fear because your TRUfam is right here.”

Sure, the main objective of being a student is getting that education, but this should not keep anyone from making memories along the way.

So to help in creating fun memories with your #TRUfam, here are a couple of guidelines you may want to consider:

  • Pull an all-nighter on campus and pass those courses with your #TRUfam.
  • Break a sweat and get fit with your #TRUfam.
  • Visit the Den (in CAC), grab a couple of wings and maybe get lit before 12pm someday with your #TRUfam.
  • Encourage each other to stay hydrated ( this is very important)
  • Dress up, cook a meal and chill at home with your #TRUfam.
  • Go out and dance like there’s no tomorrow with your #TRUfam.
  • Attempt attending a full week of classes with your #TRUfam.
  • Go hiking with your #TRUfam.

Basically, all we’re trying to say is, discover your TRUstory and create some bomb memories while you’re at it with your #TRUfam!