9 “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Moments Relatable to Life at TRU

One of the most relatable, hilarious shows on right now is Brooklyn 99. Here is a list of B99 approved reactions to the biggest laughs, fails, and truths at TRU on a regular basis. 

Waiting in line at Tim Hortons at almost any time of the day


Has anyone successfully passed through Old Main on Thursday without stopping for the therapy dogs?


When the professors remind you to study more than the night before the exam.



There is no parking.

People should take the bus more.

Save your money, kids!


I’ll take “student wearing pantsuit to school for $400”

fox tv nbc GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine


TRU Sustainability Office (@trusustain) pushing their “YOU Can Zero Waste!” campaign on Instagram


@memes_of_tru pumping out hilarious (and high key offensive) memes on the daily


Those try-hards at Campus Rec Intramurals be like…


Lot N will become a premium parking lot next year

What is your B99 moment related to your life at TRU? Comment below or share yours on Instagram using #TRUfam for a chance to win some swag!