Why study in Canada over the USA?

For decades, both Canada and the United States have been considered top destinations for those planning on studying abroad. But with recent events happening in the United States, international students have been questioning whether or not the US is still a great option. I promise that, after reading this, you will have no second thoughts: you will want to pack your bags and come straight to Canada!

Here are five reasons why you should choose to study in Canada:

Affordable high-quality education

Who wants to spend thousands of dollars per year to study abroad? Well, not me! Canadian tuition fees for international students are amongst the lowest fees in English-speaking countries, while the US is amongst the highest (yikes!). Contrary to popular belief, tuition fees have nothing to do with the quality of education. Canadian universities are amongst the best in the world and are considered internationally equal to equivalent degrees in the US.


While the new President elected in the USA talks about creating walls, Canadians are all about destroying them! Recently, Prime Minister Trudeau has made a deal with Mexico to lift visa requirements for Mexicans visiting Canada.

That is one of the many reasons why Canada has become a symbol of diversity and multiculturalism, accepting over 15 million immigrants in the last century! Nearly all of the world’s ethnic groups are represented in the country, and government policies ensure that people’s customs and traditions are respected and preserved.

Safe communities

Named one of the safest countries in the world numerous times, this democratic country is known for protecting the rights of its citizens. Low crime rates, lack of natural disasters, and politically stable, Canada offers a high-quality peaceful life to its residents. Did you know that in Canada you are 63.16% less likely to be a victim of violent crimes, than if you were in the US? The only criminal you will find in Canada is a trespasser bear… Literally.

LGBT rights

Canada was the first country outside of Europe and the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2005, while the US has only approved same-sex marriage in 2015! Even though now everyone has the right to marry in the US, only 21 states and DC have anti-discrimination laws – meaning in other states, a person can still be fired for a job based on its sexuality.

Work off-campus

As a student, you are only able to work in the US if authorized by a Designated School Official under extreme financial hardship caused by unforeseen situations beyond the student’s control. In Canada, however, you are able to work 20 hours a week during the school year and 40+ hours a week during holidays!

Natural abundance

One of the largest countries in the world and bordering three oceans, Canada has numerous amounts of provincial and national parks. From Niagara Falls to the Rocky Mountains, Canada’s natural beauty will never disappoint you. Everywhere you go, you will find diverse landscape from coast to coast, and views that are more than Instagram worthy!

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