Top 6 Places to Study at TRU

Whether you are a new student and still searching for your perfect study spot or you’ve been here more time and you like changing study spaces every now and then, in this blog I will introduce you to some of my preferred study spaces at TRU!

The Brown Family House of Learning (HOL)

HOL is one of the preferred study spaces by many students. Its different floors give you different environments that can accommodate almost all of your needs.

On the 1st floor, you’ll find group study rooms you can book, a computer lab, printers, and some tables to eat or study. If you are looking for a quiet place this will probably not be your first choice as many people hang out here to eat lunch at Tim Hortons with their friends or just sit down to wait for their classes to begin.

On the 2nd floor, you’ll find many group study tables and a less noisy place to study.

On the 3rd floor, you’ll find the individual study cubicles. These cubicles are comfortable and practical to study; they are divided by opaque plastic walls, each one has 2 electrical outlets, a desk, and most of them have a desk lamp. On this floor you can also find a printing station and a few group study tables. This floor is the second quietest and if you really want to isolate from the noise, you can go into the library on this floor and you’ll find in the back more study tables in a complete “quiet study space”.

Finally, on the 4th floor you will find the also new rows of individual study cubicles. This is the quietest floor of the HOL and you can also find here group study rooms you can book and a printing station.

Main Library

The Main Library is a great place to study isolated from all the outside noise. Although the first floor sometimes has a few voices here and there, the second floor is ideal to fully concentrate on your study without interruptions. If you are doing research this is a perfect place to do so as you will both have close to you the computers, the books and the printers. In the library, you can find group study rooms, individual study cubicles and tables to sit with your friends.

Old Main 3rd and 4th Floors

On these floors you will find a few sofas and tables for individual and group study. The magic of these floors is that almost all the time, they are really quiet and the sofas are really comfortable to do some readings or any other studying. At the end of the hallways of these floors, you can also find sofas either to hang out or study.

TRUSU Building

The TRUSU Building has study spaces both in the 1st and 2nd floors. The 1st floor has group study rooms, tables to eat or study, and booths to sit down and hang out or study. The 2nd floor has tables for individual studying and for group study as well as sofas. On this floor you’ll also find a group study room. These floors are not the quietest but the noise here is moderate and the spaces are really comfortable to study.

Arts and Education Building

In the AE building, you can find 2 different study spaces.

On the 2nd floor you’ll find an area designated for studying. You’ll find group study tables and you will also find bar-like tables where you can sit and do some individual studying.

On the 3rd floor, you’ll find a really comfortable lounge to study with your friends or just hang out with them in the sofas, chairs, and bar-like tables. This floor usually has less noise than the 2nd one and it also has a really nice balcony with the best views and with chairs to study in when it’s not too chilly outside! You can also find a Computer Lab on this floor and it’s actually one of the nicest ones on campus; you’ll find here computer stations, tables, sofas and a television!

International Building

On the 1st and 2nd floors of IB, you can find chairs and tables for you to sit down and study. There are computers on the 2nd floor that you can use, as well as Computer Labs and printers. These areas can get a bit loud as there are many students around, but it is a good place to sit down and tackle a quick homework or assignment.

There are many amazing places to study around the university and I personally like switching places every now and then so if you haven’t found your ideal spot yet, try out some of these and comment below which one is your favourite or if you have a different favourite one!