Studying in Canada: My Parents Influence in Choosing TRU

I grew up in a very traditional Vietnamese family in which my parents have a large influence on many important decisions in my life. One of them is to send me to study abroad in Canada since I was 18.

I have never had an answer when people ask me why I choose TRU because it was not my choice, it was mainly my Dad’s. So, I decided to do a casual interview with him to figure out why he chose TRU for his beloved daughter (me!).

Amazing Academics

I have no idea how much time my Dad had spent to figure out some of the top universities in Canada and ended up picking TRU for my final destination. He was pretty sure that TRU could offer me the best options for my courses in the Tourism program. He knows more than anyone that I cannot stand 4 years of long lectures every single day and I definitely would need some kinds of practical classes in my program. And here I am in my last year at TRU totally thankful for being sent to TRU four years ago! Tourism program offers many field trips, and you learn so much outside of the classroom. There are tons of opportunities to learn through experience.

Incredible opportunities for personal growth

I was a very timid little girl back then and my Dad was very worried that I would be isolated and upset at school. He then visited the TRU website and social media channels and found out various volunteer activities, ambassador programs, conferences and so many things that I could participate in during my time at school. These are amazing chances to make friends, learn a variety of skills and knowledge, and maximize my student experience abroad. And you know what? He can’t even imagine how much I have been involved in those activities and have changed in a positive way!


Excellent services

My Dad was not a fluent English speaker, and he was trying so hard to contact TRU directly through email and phone calls. He was very satisfied with the assistance from TRU’s tea,. Thanks to TRU staff, my Dad was able to prepare the needed paperwork to start the process of sending his daughter to Canada. He loves it so much and talks about that all the time! He does believe that a university that takes good care of students’ parents can take better care of his kids. Of course, during my time at TRU, I got to visit the school clinic, counselling services, academic advising, international student advisors, free yoga classes and so much more. I have come to realize that my Dad did ensure that TRU can take care of me physically and mentally for the time I would be away from my family.

Class size

My parents both love the small size sizes at TRU. They think that it is a good way to enhance the relationship between the instructor and students, as well as the connection among classmates. A class with a maximum of 30 students will allow me to have a chance to talk more, interact more and ask more questions in class. My parents always wanted the best study environment for me!


One of the most interesting characteristics of TRU that my Dad is totally in love with is the diversity on campus. He thought that I would be overwhelmed to be with all domestic students and TRU actually has a pretty good number of domestic and international students. Moreover, many international students come from all over the world to TRU, which offers me an opportunity to get to know more about different cultures and people. Interestingly, my Dad now is a game partner with my Ecuadorian close friend despite the language barrier. He loves all of my friends!


Active social media

My parents are followers of TRU on Facebook page and Instagram. Sometimes I am just so busy with my studies and activities that I do not have time to talk a lot with my parents letting them know exactly what I am doing at school lately. However, thanks to Instagram live, stories and pictures of events and activities that are happening on campus, TRU keeps my parents updated on what is going on at school. My Mom was super excited when she saw my pictures on TRU’s social media platforms and she is not worried about me since she knows that I am having a lot of fun at school that I may just forget to call her at the end of the day!

All things considered, my parents are completely in love with TRU, and I am so thankful for their decision to send me to this university. At the end of our casual interview, my Dad said that he can see how much I have been growing up physically and mentally during my time at TRU, and as long as I am happy being here, he was also very happy for picking the best university for me.

After this interview, I know that my parents always want the best for me, and they always consider every aspect of their decision to ensure that I am 100% safe, happy and have an opportunity to grow at a great pace.


That is my story! What is yours? Leave me a comment below if you have ever gotten a chance to ask your parents why they support you to go study abroad, especially at TRU. I would love to hear your stories!