What Is Your T-ID Used For?

What is a T-ID card?

Your T-ID serves as your official student identification and proves you’re currently enrolled at TRU.

Your T-ID card includes your full name, T-ID (your student number, also used as your username for all system login including your student email account).

What is the T-ID card used for?

Library services

Your T-ID card can be used to access all library services such as borrowing books, laptops and AV equipment.


The TRUSU UPASS is an unlimited transit pass for the City of Kamloops provided to every student enrolled at TRU in Kamloops.

To activate your UPASS, take your T-ID card to the Members’ Services Desk in the Students’ Union Building (1st floor of the Campus Activity Centre).

TCC pool access

With your U-PASS and T-ID card, you get free use of the Canada Games Aquatic Centre (also known as the TCC pool).

Identification on and off-campus

Keep your T-ID card with you at all times, as you will often be asked for it when making an appointment, a payment or even when taking your final exams!

Student discounts

With your T-ID card, you are eligible to get many student discounts not only in Kamloops but also across Canada or even abroad. Check out our blog post “11 Restaurants That Offer Discounts to TRU Students“.

How to get your T-ID card

Getting your T-ID card is easy. But remember your card can be prepared at any time, but it can only be issued after your course registration is complete.

Before arriving on campus

So that you can have your T-ID card ready when you arrive on campus, you send a selfie and your card will be ready for pick up within one day at the TRUSU desk in the CAC. You will need to show one other form of photo ID in order to receive your card.

To send your photo, send an email to [email protected] from your mytru.ca account, write your full name and TRU ID number in the subject line of the email and attach your jpg file.


Visit the campus card booth at Bookies (1st floor of the Campus Activity Centre). Bookies is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.