What I Wish I Had Done Differently During My Time at TRU

The convocation is fast approaching. While many TRU students are excited to prepare for the ceremony as a significant milestone in their lives, some choose to reflect on the precious period being on campus full of incredibly unforgettable memories and wish to extend this beautiful stage of being a bit longer. Wandering on campus and enjoying the breeze on a beautiful sunny afternoon, I came across and talked to quite a few students whom I later found out that they are going to celebrate their academic achievement on the convocation coming up.

I asked them if there are things or times that they regret and wish they would have done differently in the past. So guess what? Their answers are incredibly impressive.

It is about the time… when “I wish that I had joined the LEAP trips. I was too busy with study and work, even busier through summers and forgot that I was here to experience life as well. LEAP was incredible. For every student, LEAP’s trips are amazing experiences which cost minimally. Believe me! You will regret if you did not spend time on such excellent journeys.”

It is about the time… when “I wonder why I did not get involved in any club on campus and did not become a member of any. Even though I knew there are quite a lot of clubs on campus that I could have joined, I did not do it at all. I now realize that I could have learned countless knowledge and skills by joining the club, such as the HR Club. I talked to my friend the other day and was surprised as I did not know about the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), which is a provincial association of HR Professionals. There is such an organization that exists for me to join as a student. Everyone in the HR Club knows about it, but I did not. I regret it.”

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It is about the time… when “I feel I should have read more books. I was usually advised to read textbooks and relevant specialized ones by my instructors. Nevertheless, I did not do it at all. To me, reading all the instructors’ slides was enough. Indeed, it was enough for me to pass the courses. However, it turned out not to be enough for a harsh real world out there. I should have gained more knowledge of my major.”

It is about the time… when “I wish I would have talked to my instructors more often and got to know them. My assignments could have been better than it was if I came and spoke to my professors for their advice. I did not care about the so-called Office Hours, so I just ignored them and did not make the most of them. So my suggestion for you is that take them seriously and visit your instructors’ office during office hours more often if you are struggling with the material.”

Those are just messages conveyed to the current student. Believe or not, choose to sit on your procrastination or make changes to your life now. Everything is absolutely up to you. Remember that being on the convocation could be one of the most beautiful days of your life and a remarkable event of every individual. You would be proud of yourself; your family would be proud of you, TRU would be proud of you. Moreover, you would not regret too many things that day that you actually can decide to do it from now on, at this moment.

What would you do differently?