5 Reasons Why You Should Apply to be a Social Media Ambassador

Peer mentorship programs are a way for you to develop your skills and engage with campus life while supporting your peers.

As a Social Media Ambassador, you have an opportunity to access valuable training, partake in professional development, gain hands-on experience, and give back to your peers and campus community.

Here are 5 reasons why you should apply to be a Social Media Ambassador:

Improve your communication skills

As a Social Media Ambassador, you will meet many different people from campus and the Kamloops community while promoting TRU. This will not only help you improve your English skills (if you’re an international student!) but you will also improve your communication and networking skills.


Learn about Social Media and Marketing

Social Media Ambassadors are part of TRU World’s International Marketing & Recruitment team. You’ll be introduced to many opportunities and workshops that will help you with your marketing knowledge. You will also be representing TRU to students from all over the world, and you will learn about recruitment and the post-secondary education field.


Scholarship and experience for your resume

You’ll not only have the opportunity to work closely with the International Division at TRU, for each semester, but Ambassadors also receive a $1000 award. And more than anything, this opportunity is really good for your resume. You’ll get real Marketing experience that will be useful in the future, whether you want to pursue Marketing or any other field. The experience you gain is very broad.

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Make new friends

Lastly, working as an SMA, you will go to many places and meet a lot of different people, from diverse cultures. If you are shy, it could be hard to talk with random people when you meet them for the first time. As an Ambassador, you will learn how to approach people and make friends easily. 


Are you still wondering if you should apply? Maybe you find yourself too introvert for this? Or you’re not confident with your English? 

No worries! The SMA program is an opportunity to learn and improve your skills. Personally, I am not the type of person very friendly. I’m a really shy person. However, throughout the program, I communicated with many different people. And now I’m not afraid or shy about talking in front of people. 

If you want to learn more about the program, please head to ourtru.ca/sma. TRU World hires Ambassadors every semester, so you have many chances to apply. Doesn’t matter your program, if you’re international or domestic, which year you’re in, anyone can apply!