Club Spotlight: TRUSU Fashion Club

The club roared to life in the Fall semester of 2017 where they ‘filled the Grand Hall’ for the DVRSTY Fashion Show.

This week we talked to Richard Abankwa (President and MBA student from Ghana) and Rohit Kumar Nair (Vice President and Post-Baccalaureate Marketing student from India).

Richard Abankwa (President) and Rohit Kumar Nair (Vice President) 

The Fashion Club aims to help students who have an interest and those who are looking to be involved in pursuing careers in the creative industry explore the different aspects of the industry and have a ‘behind the scenes’ experience. To them, their number one goal is to bring students together, share the diverse cultures and passion for fashion industry through participating in the community and hosting and participating in fashion related shows an event all over the province.

In a nutshell, it’s a platform for students to express themselves, share and develop their ideas, designs and concepts with each other, and be a fashion-forward and diverse family.

Richard Abankwa, President and MBA student from Ghana

Richard and Rohit’s favourite parts of belonging and being the leaders of this club are being able to work with such a diverse group of people and the unity and support that comes from the members and event volunteers, designer’s and the TRU family. They are inspired by the level of commitment that club members, designers, volunteers and more have shown towards the planning and administration of their shows.

Rohit Kumar Nair, Vice President and Post-Baccalaureate Marketing student from India

The club is definitely growing and is always looking for new ideas. This year, they have had two fashion shows – the annual DVRSTY Fashion Show (Fall 2018) and Love and Layers which they collaborated with the TRU Sustainability Department (Winter 2019). You can check out some of their pictures here.

So you’re probably wondering how you can connect with Richard and Rohit and be a part of the move towards fashion diversity? You can follow them on Instagram @dvrsty_fashion or on Facebook @trufashionclub. If you see them on campus, feel free to say hey and they’ll be happy to talk with you and add you to their group chat for events and more.