From Mauritius to Canada: Taking the First Step to Success

Yassiir Chady, TRU alumni from the beautiful island of Mauritius, arrived in Canada four years back to pursue his career in Computing Science. After extensive research and with the constant support of his family and friends, he found TRU. “My parents always encouraged my sister and me to follow our dreams, and my biggest dream was being independent and living on my own”.

“I went to an agent, and at the time, I wasn’t really looking specifically into Canada as a study destination. When they showed me pictures of TRU and the campus, I thought: Wow, this is beautiful!”.

After having his mind set on TRU, Yassiir started to connect with other international students from Mauritius. “We made contact, and she was a science student at the time and also an active volunteer on campus, and she was of great help and support, constantly providing me details of TRU and life in Kamloops”.

For him, choosing Kamloops was an easy decision. “When my friends ask me, I always tell them that Kamloops is the perfect place for students”. Yassiir highlights that now he sees how choosing a bigger city could have been too overwhelming, and he appreciates the fact that here he can easily walk to school or meet his friends. “Being so close to your friends helps you to not feel so homesick”.

Having studied Computing Science during his high school years, Yassiir knew that this was the path he wanted to pursue. So after applying to the Computing Science Diploma at TRU, he started looking further into the Co-operative Education Program.

Once he arrived at TRU, Yassiir attended a few network events by the co-op department and started to make contacts with potential future employers. “The Career Education Department was of great help. They helped me with everything career-related, from improving my resume to developing my skills, especially my communication and networking skills. They work really hard to help students succeed professionally”.


While still completing his co-op requirements, Yassiir received a call for his first interview in the program, with Trimble. “I was nervous and I wasn’t very confident with my communication skills. But my co-op supervisor gave me the support I needed to succeed”.

That interview was the beginning of Yassiir’s career in Canada. His months as a co-op student with Trimble Forensics provided him with extensive knowledge of the company and its products, and he was able to apply all that he learned in class in the job.

Yassiir reminisces about his years at school, and the support from his colleagues and the Computing Science faculty. “Instructors here are always available. So whenever you have a question or need guidance with an assignment, they always made an effort to be there and help”.

Even though he has created his home away from home here in Kamloops, he admits that there is one thing he misses every day. “The street food! Mauritius has such a diverse background, and the food there is just amazing. You can find the best street food there, anytime and anywhere”.

His biggest advice for students who are in doubt about moving to Canada?

“Don’t be intimidated by the distance. Go out there and explore the world.”

Yassiir is currently employed by Trimble Forensics as a Support Services and Testing Specialist. He is responsible to provide Tier/Level 1/2 assistance to law enforcement and private sector agents, as well as contributing to software testing.

You can learn more about Yassiir’s academic and professional journey, and connect with him on his LinkedIn profile.