16 Stages You Go Through During Finals Week

It’s December! You know what that means – Christmas is almost here! You are ready to go home and have some quality time with your family and eat your mom’s homemade food. But before that, you have one more thing to do: finals.

You feel nervous, especially if you are having a final at the Old Gym, every student worst enemy.

*Having a final along with 200 more stressed out students.*

And you are hoping to find someone to keep you company while you wait out in the cold…

You get to your seat and look around, and take a deep breath – you know it’s time.

You start to strongly regret skipping class the entire semester.

You open the exam paper and you know the first question, which is your name and the date

No, seriously. You read the first question but you don’t remember studying that. So you skip to the next one.

*Heart starts pounding*

You then proceed to look at the entire exam trying to find a question you know the answer to before it’s too late and you forget about it…

You know that you have a chance of passing if your test is multiple choice because it is a game of luck

Never have the same answer for multiple questions, it’s a trap.

You finish the multiple choice part and make your way to the long answer ones, and here you think you can get a chance if you basically make up the entire thing. You try to play games by confusing your prof.

You look around and you don’t feel alone, because you see other students in the same situation

We’re all in this together, friends.

Then you start wondering if going to university is even worth it? Should you drop out? Should I change majors? What am I going to tell my parents?

You come back to earth after a good 30 min reflecting on your life choices, and then it’s time to focus on trying to really remember what Chapter 8 said about mitosis

After 40 mins you are basically done because the point is that you do not care anymore, but you’re just waiting for that good soul to give his exam back so you don’t look like you don’t know anything

While you are waiting for someone to stand up you are thinking what are you going to do after this…

Maybe take a nap and cry all night thinking you are a failure, or maybe you are going to hang out with your friends and just finish a bottle of wine by yourself.

You came to accept the fact that there is nothing else to do at this point

If you don’t know anything, well, you might just turn it in and end this suffering, right?

You walk out of the room feeling like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, and you feel happy that you are done with that for now

Good luck with your exams, folks!