The Perks of Living in a Homestay

If you might have been thinking about the possibility of moving into a Homestay family,  it is fine to not know how your family is going to be like. However, I believe there can be some cool perks that can make adulting a little bit easier.

Your private furnished room (if you get lucky like me you can get an entire basement for yourself!)

I’m not saying that these are within every homestay, but it is commonly for Canadian families to have an empty basement room that they are not currently using. However, you are going to get a very nice private room for the price you pay so it is worth it. And you do not have to worry about spending on furniture and you can decorate as you please. #winning

You don’t have to worry about groceries (except for your personal stuff, but that’s fun buying!)

I mean you really notice a difference, my first year I lived in New Rez and carrying your heavy groceries bags in the winter can be challenging… so yes, not worrying about that is pretty sweet.

Or pay for the utilities.

To be honest, I never paid for utilities, I always lived in places where the utilities are included with the rent, so having to pay those bills at the end of the month are not for me. I’m just here #chillin’

Some host families have pets!

My host family didn’t have pets but I know some of my friends that send me snaps with their cute dogs and cats!. A close source told me that “it is nice coming back home after being all day at the uni and getting greeted by the family dog”. Right.In.The.Feels

You get to tag along on their family trips,

When you sign up for homestay you sometimes get to travel with your family. You get to know more about Canadian culture and it is a very nice way to get to know your family better. *packs bags and moves in with a homestay family*

And you don’t spend holidays alone.

If you didn’t get the chance to get a flight to visit your OG family it’s okay because at least you will have company during your Winter break. It is nice to celebrate the holidays in a family environment and it helps you to not get extremely homesick. Plus you get to learn more about your families culture and traditions during special holidays! And not to mention the food…

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