​5 Picture-Perfect Places Around Kamloops Our TRU Moose Knows All About It!

Located in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Kamloops is a small town with a population of around 100,000 and for someone that comes from a big city with 8 million people, Kamloops is a whole new experience. Starting with the fact that my country didn’t have seasons and moving on to the activities there are to do here, this town has surprised me with all its beauty.

We took our TRU moose around Kamloops in search of some of the most beautiful places! Check it out.

If you are a nature lover, a photography addict or you are just looking for interesting places around Kamloops, this blog is just for you!

Riverside Park

This park is located in Kamloops’ Downtown (100 Lorne St.) It’s an incredible place to visit to have a picnic with your family or friends, to take a walk, to make exercise, play tennis in the tennis courts or to simply have a nice chilling time. Although its best times are in fall and summer, visiting it in winter (when the temperature are not too low) and in spring is also a beautiful experience.

McConnell Lake

This lake in Kamloops is located 25 minutes away from downtown and is perfect for camping or simply taking a walk. Visiting it in any of the seasons is a great idea and an amazing experience if you get a chance don’t doubt to visit it.

I went in winter so the lake was completely frozen and it still looked gorgeous.

Peterson’s Creek Park

This park is located in the heart of Kamloops and although is a small location, the creek it hides and the colours it contains makes a walk or a hike at this park a must.

Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks is a village and a ski resort 50 minutes away from downtown Kamloops. It’s a beautiful place to ski, snowboard, do tubing or simply wander around the town and have a coffee. When there’s no snow, there are also other activities such as trampolines, going up to the mountain to take a look at the view, mountain biking or karts down the hill. If you love skiing and taking pictures with snow and while skiing, check also Harper Mountain.


You heard right! Last but not least, Thompson Rivers University goes straight into our list. Due to its location up in the mountains, TRU gets one of the best views of downtown and the Thompson River. If you get the chance to enter the TRU residences (you need to know someone that lives there) you can go up to the 10th floor to the gym room and you’ll see an unbelievable view of Kamloops.

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