This Summer: White Water Rafting on the Thompson River


Feeling too warm? It’s time for white water rafting!

Summer is more than sun and beaches in Kamloops! Being blessed with the perfect location, Kamloops has many beautiful lakes as well as the Thompson Rivers within driving distance. To me, water is the best part of summer, and white water rafting is my favourite among all the adventures I have had.


Getting up early in the morning is difficult, but not when I am too excited to sleep at all. The bus set off at 7.30 – It takes arounds 90 minutes from Kamloops to Lytton, the other end of the main Thompson River where it meets the Fraser River. The landscape along the highway is stunning. For one moment, I had the illusion that we were on the planet Voss in Star Wars, except for the number of trees were increasing as we went. I tried so hard to stay awake so that I wouldn’t miss out the beauty along the way.

Not many activities can be so much fun as a beginner, and white water rafting is one of them! I personally prefer paddle rafting over power rafting because I had a stronger sense of accomplishment after we finished the journey as a team. Paddle rafting is not easy and relaxing, but it is fun if you enjoy challenges as much as we do!

We paddled along the river until the stop half way where we had an amazing buffet lunch including ground beef, pulled pork, veggie salad, naan bread, wrap, beans, and fresh fruits. The buffet definitely boosted up my energy for the excitement of the afternoon.

After lunch comes the exciting part: power rafting. The boat has a strong motor that can provide the power to go through the waves in the river. The guide on the boat will control the direction and assure safety. Your job? Sit, hold on tight, scream and have fun!

❤ Things I liked:

Being watched by wild animals, such as horn sheep and bald eagles (guess who is watching whom?)

Cool splashes!

Paddling hard in the water

The fun! (Rafting can be very beginner-friendly: you don’t need to be experienced to have fun rafting.)

Water fight with other boats: It’s always satisfying to get other people soaked before you are!

Faces in the pictures taken by the staff: They are almost like a package of new Emoji (laugh).

Funny names of the rafting spots: My favourite was “Mother-In-Law”!


❤ Things I did not like:

I got tan without feeling it: It is so nice and cool with the splashes that you do not feel the heat from the sun anymore.

My life jacket became so tight after lunch (because the food was just too yummy to stop eating)!

I could not carry a camera with me to take a million of pictures and show off to you (but the staff took photos for us).


❤ Benefits as TRU students in Kamloops

Apart from having a perfect river for white water rafting in the area, there are also benefits more than student discount to go  rafting as a TRU student!

Low cost

All TRU students are eligible to participate in any activities organized by LEAP. LEAP is the acronym of Leisure Exploration Activity Program. This program provides opportunities for students to have great Canadian experiences with a very low cost. For example, if I went rafting on the same day at the same time and place, I would probably need to spend around $200 excluding snacks and transportation from and to Kamloops, in addition to all the work of planning, booking and other preparations; I only paid $15 because I went with the LEAP program, and everything in the trip was included.


It is often a bit scary to go on an adventure on your own as a beginner. In TRU, you can always find friends and explore together. I enjoyed screaming with my friends so much especially during the power rafting. Friendships also get stronger if you spend quality time together and share the experiences.

Variety of activities

It is always easier to book a variety of things as a big group than as a small one. We had the opportunity to try two different types of rafting within one day instead of having to stick with one type of rafting for the day. This also saves some expenditure while having different experiences.

Safe and easy

Going for trips with LEAP makes trips much easier. You just need to make sure the dates and be an early bird when the tickets are on sell. Once you get your ticket, there is almost nothing else you have to be concerned about. All the trips are well-planned and pre-booked, and your day is basically taken care of!



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