Travel to China: Do you need a Visa?

China, one of the oldest country in the world with over 5000 years continuous history. Its rich traditions and cultures attract over 130 million arrivals just about in the year of 2016. 

My name is Haonan and I am a Chinese International Student studying at Thompson Rivers University. As the rapidly increasing number of travelers visiting, studying, working and living in China, I decided to write a series of posts to introduce to you guys the tips of getting around China. Those tips are mainly based on my personal experience. If you do have a question, please do ask me in the comment section down below.


This post is meant to tell you whether or not a Tourist Visa is required.

    Just like most of the countries, this varies on which country’s passport you hold and wether or not your country has a diplomatic relationship with China.

    According to the “Order of the President of the People’s Republic of China,” you may or may not need a Visa if:

1. You hold Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card of the People’s Republic of China, you do not need a Visa and there is no entry or staying limitation.


2. Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Permit issued by the Public Security Administration of China.

3. You hold the passport of either one of the following three countries Singapore, Japan or Brunei, you do not need a Visa and you can stay up to 15 days. (You do need to apply for a Visa if you plan to study, work or live).

4. Your country has diplomatic relationship with China, and you are traveling with a registered travel agency via Hongkong, Macau, and you will be only visiting cities with in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong province, you do not need a visa and you are allowed to stay up to 6 days.

5. You are visiting Hainan province with a CNTA (Chinese National Tourism Administration) recognized travel agency, and you hold the passport of the following countries Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, German, UK, France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan, Singapore, you do not need a visa and you can stay up to 15 days. If you are from Korea, German and Russia and you have at least 2 people traveling together, you can stay up to 21 days.

6. You carry APEC Business Traveler Card, you do not need a Visa and it gives you multiple entires with one single entry no longer than 2 months.

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