Tips to survive the finals by TRU students!

Just a few days back, we asked you to share some cool tips to survive the finals. Here is a list of all the tips [excluding the ones that don’t make sense or are just about caffeine haha]


Aria Marta Kornas
If your exam is in the gym, bring some warm clothes and a hot beverage (in a reusable mug, of course!). It gets freezing in the gym and you don’t want temperature variances to negatively affect your performance.


Phalon Schleppe
Try to get a good nights sleep! If it’s blue skies and sunny spend 15-20 min before your exam sitting on the Teletubby hills outside of the CAC to breath and relax your nerves! (While eating a snack!!)


Meg O’Riordan
Eat a good breakfast !!


Lena Pendlebury
Find a breathing or touch based calming exercise to do while studying, waiting for the exam to begin and while writing. For instance, I circle my stomach with my fingertips a handful of times, which always calms me down, especially if I’m struggling with a question on the exam!


Melinda Mohos
Make funny faces to yourself in the mirror as a reminder to not be so serious all the time  Frequent breaks (stretching, walking, Facebook, snacking) help too!


Tanya Cordeiro
One thing that’s helped me is good self care. Exercise, healthy diet, and sleep (At least I try to). My tips would have to be summarizing the study material in your own words and most importantly, don’t forget to ask questions if you’re stuck. Your professors want to see you succeed.


Do short answers first then do multiple choice. Because, first of all short answers worth more marks and also you get 25% chance of getting multiple choice correct. And it’s easy to do when you run out time.


Chelsea Reith
Ordering pizza to HOL! Not only does food help motivate you to study and stay later reviewing.. but it also attracts a lot of new friends that are willing to share notes in exchange for a slice.


Ashley Kump
I have a routine for every exam. 1. Wear comfortable clothing and layers so that you’re prepared to layer up or take some layers off. 2. If you have long hair, bring a hair elastic nothing worse than having your hair in your face bothering you while trying to concentrate. 3. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths before you open your exam. This will help calm you down if your anxious and help you concentrate. 4. Lastly, bring a water bottle with you to help keep hydrated.


Jennica Wlodarczyk
Do your best to space out studying blocks; it’s a lot better than cramming the night before. Make sure to eat something before going into the exam, and bring in a bottle of water as well as coffee/another caffeinated beverage. Coffee is dehydrating, and hydration can be very important when it comes to focusing! Meditation or even a few minutes of focused breathing beforehand can make a world of difference.


Emily Vanderhaven
Plan to study for all you exams evenly each day. Don’t Concentrate on the first one and forget the rest. Do as many practice tests as possible (proven to get you better grades)


Stephanie Tate
Don’t arrive too early before an exam. You will end up listening to what people studied (etc) and it can psych you out. Aim to arrive 10mins before the exam starts. Keep focused.


Olivia Down
Best advice I’ve ever gotten from a prof, (and it works!) is to have ONE drink just before an exam to calm your nerves. Also works really well for presentations!


Samantha Dansereau
Get lots of sleep and remember to take breaks when studying. Your brain needs a break both just to get a break but also to process and retain information.


Catherine Martin
Get some exercise in between blocks of studying by going for a run, doing some yoga, biking, or even going to a playground to relax for a while. And remember to drink water instead of coffee!

Meg O’Riordan
1. Study all week
2. Write exam at 2pm Friday
3. Drive to whistler
4. Dance/drink/repeat
5. Hike the mountain
6. Bungee jump
7. Treetop tour
8. Eat somewhere fancy
9. Study Sunday
10. Write exam Monday morning
Because study vs enjoy life ratio needs to be considered ✍️


Dana Prymak
We are supposed to study beforehand, in advance, but if you find yourself in the situation when you are pulling an all nighter, and study last minute, makes sure you at least rest well before the night you pull an all-nighter. Procrastinate smart✊ coffee is our best friend, but take it easy, too much of it, isn’t very useful for you and can get you a high heartbeat, which, definitely, isn’t something you would want right before the exam!


Julie Vantunen
Just remind yourself that you did the best that you could !!! I personally haven’t failed an exam but I’m positive I wouldn’t die if I did


Jenny Morris
Always have snacks to help stay alert while studying, take breaks and remind yourself that it’ll soon be over and a long break awaits 🙂


Keith Foote
Drink an exam time smoothie:
1: Spinach
2: Blueberries
3: Blackberries
4: Fruit Juice
5: Raw Egg
Trust me it works!


Sydney Goward
HIGH QUALITY ESSENTIAL OILS! I use essential oils to support my immune system, help with sleeping, as an anxiety and stress relief, as an energy booster (replacement for coffee), soothing muscle pains from sitting forever, and to help me focus/give brain power! I even bring my favourite study oils into the exam with me! There are so many ways to use them and I take full advantage of my collection during finals!


Chelsea Dionne
Caffeine, good sleep, warm clothes if in gym and gum!!!!!


Kaylee Louise
Take it one day at a time. Getting Lots of sleep and water. And also lots of Starbucks. Because Starbucks is great. ☕️


Sarah Melnyk
Eating Oreos because Oreos are life. Lots of blueberries,
eat good, feel good


Haley Coss
Plan study groups and find cool coffee shops to study in with friends, so you can share info and wallow in your mutual misery


Amandeep Kaur
30-50 mints study
And then 10 mints break is best way to study !! And then repeat
It relax ur Brain
It gives ur mind to proces The info !!


Sierra Rae
Review your notes right before you go to sleep!


Martin McFarlane
Best tip: don’t take any classes with finals


Rebecca McKimmie
Organize your study space so you can’t be distracted


Gourab Baśak
Exercise or game the night before ur finals to keep anxiety at bay


Don’t show up too early or else others people cramming or stressing can stress you out. balance! Make sure to give yourself mental/emotional/physical breaks, go outside! For a walk, or Netflix, coloring something that takes little brain power.


Eat well, don’t be stressed out, most importantly believe in yourself and study hard. Keep it simple


Study with other people so you don’t get bored and you can talk about tough topics!


Don’t forget to take breaks and have fun! Focusing on nothing but finals makes for a very sad and stressful week. Also eat healthy snacks and drink lots of water if you feel great, you’ll do great


Study in intervals! Go for a few hours then take a break and reward yourself! I do a bit of yoga personally. Also, don’t forget to eat and drink plenty of fluids, water is my best friend during finals week.


Music is always my best friend. That’s why I recommend study in intervals, listening to your favourite song in between your study time. Drink water while studying to refresh your mind and keep your body activated! Finally, don’t review hours or minutes before the exam, you’d be over saturated


Have study groups and have a good nights rest!


My study tip is to have fun with it. Studying is sooooo stressful so why not make it fun? I try to make things into songs or beats so I can just hum it in my head on the final! Place candies on your paper so when you read you get a treat! Don’t forget studying with friends makes it a lot more fun and they can help you to understand better too


Take a long beautiful rest till the day before the exam, regret every life choice that u had made and study. Man so much stuff u learn on that day. No promise how much will stay though. Then march into the exam proudly and you’ll see three things you’ll know for sure;name,student#,subject. Repeat this for your exam week, you’ll learn to appreciate your normal school yr so damn much.


Just remember, you’ve heard that before … if u attended classes though…


I like to walk out into my backyard, fall to my knees, and scream a desperate plea into the dark void of the night, hoping the ancient ears of the exam deities hear my cries.

Good luck with Finals!


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