Time For A New Adventure!

Meet Alvaro! Originally from Ecuador, he joined TRU last summer after having attended for one year one of the top best universities in the state of Virginia. But, you may wonder what caught Alvaro’s attention to move from Richmond, Virginia to Kamloops, British Columbia? Well… it is the amazing weather of BC! Alvaro’s search came to a conclusion when he discovered TRU’s Adventure Studies program. He is enrolled in the Bachelor of Tourism Management, currently struggling on his 3rd semester.

Tournament Capital Centre, Kamloops.

In the last 9 months Alvaro has already participated with TRU Adventure Club and experienced water rafting at Thompson Rivers; enjoyed the thrill of skiing at Sun Peaks Resort and went on numerous road trips with his close friends to all over B.C. and Washington state.

Stanley Park, Vancouver.

Public Market Center, Seattle, WA.

“I heard about TRU through one of my uncle’s friends, I met him in my trip to Colorado. He was a TRU graduate and had his own business in the Tourism industry.”

Colorado, US.

Adventure Studies program is available within the Bachelor of Tourism Management degree and the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree; it also offers unique internships and “hands-on” experiences for their students due to the diversity of activities that can be found in the city of Kamloops and in its surroundings. As part of one of TRU’s clubs, the Adventure Club exhibits various events all year around for all TRU community, sponsored by the Adventure Studies Department.

Thompson River, B.C.

Whether you are a BTM student just like Alvaro! or whatever your path at TRU may be, you can create new and exciting experiences offered by TRU; meet other students that share the same passion for the outdoors as you and enjoy the majestic scenery of B.C.!



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