The Spartan (Volunteer) Experience !


This weekend the TRU Wolfpack cheerleaders volunteered at the Sunpeaks Spartan Race! They volunteer annually at this event, but if you’ve never experienced the Spartan race for yourself, here’s a recap of the experience. Both days started with the wake up call of 6 am (not ideal for any university student), in order to get up the mountain in time for the start of the race; thankfully we stopped at Tim Hortons on the way. Volunteers were assigned an obstacle to over see, then you were handed a bag containing snacks and a walkie talkie. We split up into pairs and driven up to our stations in gators! Now, I’m a total city girl, so I hadn’t ever seen or heard of a gator before. This may sound stupid for people who have been in one numerous times, but wow was it so fun! It actually amazed me how such a small vehicle could withstand the bumpy, twisty route up the mountain. Once my partner and I had arrived, we basically set up camp that consisted of a safety blanket to sit on (so we didn’t soak our 4 layers of leggings, obviously) and a thick blanket to put over top of us to keep warm. After that we just sat down and waited for the race to begin. Honestly, volunteering didn’t sound like very much fun when I signed up for it, but I found myself pleasantly surprised. Being so high up on a mountain, surrounded by lush trees, with the sun shining so brightly for 8 hours actually made me feel appreciative of how blessed I am to live in such a great province. It was a nice breather from the very busy first few weeks of the school year and was nice to slow down and encourage the race participants. The weather second day was not so shining. My hometown being rainy Victoria, I’m happy to get a break from the rain here in Kamloops. So I was disappointed when it started to pour. Once again though, I was able to just curl up under my blanket with the company of a friend, sit back and self-reflect. It was great to be able to focus less on my stress and focus more on encouraging and being inspired by the beast and ULTRA beast racers. The ability to push yourself past your limits through unpleasant obstacles and being freezing cold from the rain is so honourable; there were even young kids running the race! Overall, the experience was both tiring and fulfilling. I was tired from waking up at 6 am and getting home around 7 pm, but I was recharged from my amazing surrounding environment. I may never run the actual race itself, but I highly recommend either volunteering or taking part in this race. I believe you may get more out of it than expected and learn more about yourself than before. It was truly an experience that I’m looking forward to attending again next year.

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