Dream big, Act Bigger: Accounting student finds success in his first semester at TRU

Swagatam Majumdar is an international student from India, who arrived at Thompson Rivers University just six months ago. He is currently enrolled in the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting program, and like many of his fellow students, his dream was to land a job in a big accounting firm.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Mumbai, he decided it was finally time to move to Canada to pursue a career in Accounting, and to hopefully get a CPA.

“TRU was one of the very few universities in Canada to offer the prerequisite courses for those who wish to pursue the CPA path, and many students that I connected with, on LinkedIn, had really good reviews about the university and its instructors”, said Swagatam.

He recalls that making the choice of moving to Canada was an easy decision, and by following TRU World’s social media, he instantly knew that Kamloops was the right place for him.

During his first semester, he decided to apply for an internship with KPMG Kamloops. A couple of days after applying, he landed his first interview, but to his surprise, it was with the office in Vancouver instead of Kamloops. “I took the Greyhound bus, I went all the way to Vancouver and gave my first interview”, recalls Swagatam. After the first interview, Swagatam was requested to return for a second interview. Worried about missing his classes the next day, Swagatam says that “the Senior Manager asked me not to worry, and that they would fly me to Vancouver so I wouldn’t miss my class”.

Five days of waiting had passed, and Swagatam received an exciting call. “They started by saying that unfortunately, they could not offer me an internship position – instead of an internship position, we want to offer you a full-time job upon your graduation”, recalls Swagatam.

He expresses his excitement and points out that the faculty’s encouragement and his friend’s support helped him to become more confident of his dream of pursuing an Accounting career.

“I believe that is very important to meet the right people at the right time, and TRU is giving me this platform”, says Swagatam.

What’s next for this Accounting student?

“The prize for good work is more work”.

Even though he already has a full-time job lined up upon graduation, he says that he plans on working harder everyday. He is currently volunteering with the TRUSU Student Caucus, and is also in the process of forming a Tax Advisory Club on campus.

His key advice for students who wish to pursue the same path is simple: balance and perseverance. Swagatam encourages students to push themselves harder, focus on the academics and get involved on campus. “TRU has a lot of resources available to students – co-op, research, library, faculty – take advantage of them!”.

He’s happy to have chosen TRU and to finally be in Kamloops, and he is excited for what the future holds. “If you have the right values, and if you do your best, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve”.

You can learn more about Swagatam’s academic and professional journey, and connect with him on his LinkedIn profile. To hear our interview with Swagatam, check out the original unedited recording below:  

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