Recipe for Success in University



  • 1 Goal
  • 1 Planner
  • 1 Support System
  • As much motivation as necessary
  • 8hrs of sleep
  • The will power to stop spending money on impractical things

Step 1: Discover what your goal in life is

Step 2: Plan how you will achieve this goal (use planner)

Step 3: Cry about how hard it will be to get to your goal

Step 4: Tell your support system how hard you’re working to achieve your goal

Step 5: Contemplate changing your goal to make your life easier

Step 6: Get a kick of motivation to make you stay on track

Step 7: Be so exhausted from working towards your goal you think you may die

Step 8: Sleep for 8+ hours so you don’t die

Step 9: Start saving money to pretend to be a practical adult

Step 10: Work on goal until you are happy with the result

Step 11: SUCCESS


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