Queen Victoria Holiday

It may seem obvious the meaning of Victoria Day, especially if you’ve lived in Canada for quite some time; but for the newer people around here (including myself) here it is… the meaning of Victoria Day! An official Canadian holiday that celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria. It was officially established by the Canadian Parlament on 1952, celebrated on a Monday closest to May 24th the Queen Victoria’s birthday.

Facts about Queen V:

  • She had never EVER visited Canada… and here we are celebrating her birthday.

  • Her height was about 4’11 and she had to use a pillow in order to be seen at the table of discussions.

  • She gave birth to nine children who married into various European monarchies, the goal was to build international allegiances. Her 42 grandchildren were part of the royal families of Russia, Germany, Norway, Spain, Greece, Romania and Sweden. She was called the “Grandmother of Europe”.

  • It was believed that Queen Victoria was the carrier of Hemophilia of her bloodline and she introduced the rare inherited disease into some of the European monarchies.

  • She was targeted by a stalker, a teenager named by the newspapers as “The Boy Jones” (a very creative name). This stalker would break into the Buckingham Palace and sit on the Queen’s throne and occasionally steal her underwear… the guards wouldn’t let anyone murder the Queen but somehow a teenager managed to steal her underwear.


I hope you had an amazing Victoria Day and hopefully traveled around B.C., celebrated with close friends and family or just had a nice rest at home!



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