Is it worth to tip in Canada

Coming from a country where one is not required to tip, I was struggling with some issues on how tipping works during my first year in Canada. Those issues were: whether or not to tip, why I need to tip, when I should tip, and how much I should tip.

My reluctance toward tipping:
When I arrived in Canada for the first time I was informed to tip by my brother, but I was reluctant; for one thing I never tipped before, and I was not wealthy. For another, many peers around me did not tip and nothing happened to them and that, made me feel that my tipping was a waste. I wanted to know whether I was allowed to not tip. However, I found out the fact that proper tipping is necessary in Canada.

Why do we need to tip?


Tipping is the custom and culture in Canada. Ignoring the tipping is disrespectful to the culture.
Tipping makes both customers and servers happy.

  • It is used by customers to show their gratitude for being served and acknowledging servers’ hard working.
  • It helps assure the maintenance of a great service.


Servers work hard but in general, but they get common low salaries.

e.g. in BC:

  • The common wage for a server is $10.25 which is minimum wage, but some get paid as low as $9.50. Under this circumstance, a full-time server will only get annually $19,680 before tax, while the average annual wage is around $46,000 in Canada (OCED, 2013).

Thus, the bonuses from customers’ tips are indispensable.

Otherwise, the raise in their salary will eventually come from a raise in cost of goods.

When do we need to tip

Basically, anywhere that you get the personal service from a private company you need to tip.

Typical Tipping Service 

Restaurants Hotel Barbershops Spa or Massage Manicurist Room Cleaner
Shuttle bus Taxi Bellhops Pet Beauty or care Bartenders Food Delivery

How much should we tip?

How much a tip should be varies from person to person. 10% of your cost is acknowledged to be the minimum. Most often, people tip 15%, and 20% if they highly appreciate the service that they got. To give feedback if you don’t tip for bad service. Paying tips for delivery is necessary, but for take out and pick up orders it is not but is a bonus to the service person.
thompson-rivers-university-tipping-rangeWe might have friends or family who are working as servers, and we should understand how important the tips are for their surviving. All of us can be customers sometimes, and hence, we have the responsibility to make our contribution to preserve the culture and good service in Canada. Our tips not only show gratitude to the person who serves us but also the contribution to maintaining the whole serving industry. So please do not forget to tip as it is necessary


Please share with us how much you think it is appropriate to tip in the comments section below, and if possible share with us whether you are happy or reluctant to tip?thompson-rivers-university-thank-you

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