International Sunday Dinners

In our friend group, dinner parties are a common occurrence. We love to entertain; from simple potlucks to lavish multi-course (African meals haha) dinners for the people we love to really fit around out table, our friends have experienced it all! Here at TRU we have realized that in our small group of 10 people we represent 7 different countries so we decided why not start International Sunday Dinners. Everyone gets a turn at taking us to their country on a plate! They prep, cook and serve the dinner whist explaining the history or importance of the dish.

These dinners have not only taught use new things about one another’s culture but it had taught us that good company makes for a very lovely evening and thanks to this dinner my roommate and I came up with our very own quote:

All you need in life is a good laugh, good food, good company and the rest will come your way.

So remember get your friends together, cook, have fun and learn from each other!

Let’s me know in the comments below if you have had dinners with your friends or if you’re planning one.

A toute!

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