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Are you graduating soon or thinking to apply for a Co-op?

It is time for you to start working on your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a social media platform exclusively for business purposes and helps recruiters find the best candidate. Even though LinkedIn is web-based, it is the most useful method to show your resume, skills and projects. Employers can also see what other people you’ve worked with have to say about you (yes, be nice to the members of your group projects). LinkedIn is also your “first impression” and it gives you a competitive advantage. To help you have an awesome LinkedIn profile we’ve interviewed TRU professor Julio Viskovich. Julio has dedicated most of his work years to social media, one-on-one coaching for major companies and he has also managed their social media accounts.


Here are 5 tips to help you improve your LinkedIn profile

1. Profile Picture.

Is your profile picture of good quality? This picture of yourself will be the first impression that employers will have of you. Your picture needs to be crisp and clear and of high quality. Do not forget to smile and also you want to make sure that you are the only person being portrait otherwise it would confuse employers. Do not worry, selfies are okay! as long as your picture looks professional-ish.


2.  Your headline = the title of your book

The headline of your profile is located right under your name. Julio explains that this headline is like the title of your book. You want to explain who you are in just one sentence, so be creative! If you have your job title or the name of the company you work for as your headline, change it! You are not the company you work for, you want to “brand” yourself. What are you passionate about? What is your major? What do YOU want to achieve?


3. Focus on your summary

The summary of your profile is very important; maybe not all employers would take the time to read your resume, but they will definitely read your summary. Back with the book analogy, your summary is like the introduction of your book. Do not worry, your summary can be longer than just one paragraph. Julio suggests that your summary should include your ambitions, goals, your favorite projects that you participated in and your education. It is better if you talk in first-person, since it would make employers feel that they are directly speaking to you and makes it more personal.


4. Networking

As part of a modern world and the global society we live in, it is extremely important to learn how to properly do networking. Make connections with all your classmates that you worked with, you don’t know if it will be beneficial for your future. You can also follow job recruiters or other groups that share the same passion as you for a specific subject. It does not matter if you’re a first year student, the earlier your start making connections the better!


5.  Recommendations

Let other people explain who you are! As I mentioned before, the earlier you start the better. Every positive and helpful recommendation is a step closer to your dream job. Remember, the more recommendations the better! After completing any group project for a class do not forget to ask your team members if they can write a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile and you can also ask your professors. When someone writes you a recommendation you should return the favor and write one back!


Was this blog helpful? Just remember that LinkedIn is your opportunity to brand yourself, so be creative! If you wish to learn more about how you can brand yourself through social media, professor Viskovich has created the first Social Media course BUSN 4990 at TRU so make sure you register for it!

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