How to make studying easier

It has been already a few weeks since school classes started! And now, tests and midterms are coming up! And we all have these questions…how should I prepare? Where can I find help?

Let’s see what TRU offers to make student’s life easier 😉


  1. Economics Help Centre

This center is absolutely free for students, and the staff from the Faculty of Economics is always ready to help if you are struggling with your economics assignments! You can come with your peers and find a quiet place there, and also get help from experienced students and faculty members. Check it out at IB 1021!


  1. Math Help Centre

This is another amazing free centre for students who take any courses at TRU related to mathematics or statistics. All students can find help there, even if you are taking an Open Learning program. Or if you just need a quiet place to study, you can just sit and relax there, at the House of Learning in room 304. Although, if you need specific help with your assignments, bring your papers, class notes and a textbook, so they can help you better!


  1. Writing centre

Are you struggling with essays? Do not know how to write an academic essay? Wondering what APA and MLA means? Stop by the Writing Centre at the second floor of Old Main! You can meet experienced students and advisers there, who are looking forward to help students with their assignments. Don’t forget to bring your assignment and your drafts, so mentors can make your time productive and provide you with many useful ideas.


  1. Counseling Services

You are amazing with economics, math and writing? How about checking out our Counseling Services!  Friendly staff supports students success and do their best to improve your personal and academic performance. They are very helpful in finding solutions to any issues and a better way for you to resolve problems you are struggling with. Counselors can advise you on  how to manage your free time, how to make studying more effective, how to deal with stress, homesickness, relationships or any issues you struggle with.

All these people have their main goal – to make YOU a successful person! Let’s simplify the learning process!


Have you ever been at one of those services? Share your experience with others!

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