How to Build Your Resume in University

Do a co-op:

Doing a co-op work term is a great way to gain real life experience. It is also a perfect way to network and meet new people that are interested in the same field as you.

Get a Job:

Having a job while attending university is a perfect way to demonstrate your time management skills. As well, earning some extra money can be very helpful to reduce your student loans.


Being in a club is a great way to get involved at your school and meet people. Look for clubs related to the major you are interested in. Involvement shows that you’re passionate and responsible.


Volunteering is awesome for those looking to give back to the community. As well, this experience can be a major asset when applying for scholarships. In Kamloops there are tons of options; from working with animals, to helping organize special events.


Whatever course you exceed in, offer to tutor. Helping someone get on the right track can be very rewarding. It is a perfect way to make some extra money or volunteer.



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