Hot Summer Nights Need Cold Treats

I really, really like ice cream. Unfortunately it’s not the healthiest so I have to try to limit myself.

Behold, frozen yogurt! A great alternative to ice cream!

One of my new favourite stops in town is Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt.

Tutti Frutti

It’s located close to TRU in the Save-On-Foods shopping complex.

You can start by asking for sample cups. These allow you to try four of the flavours you think you might enjoy.
frozen yogurt

Then pick your cup size (small, medium, or large), pick your flavors and then your toppings!

frozen yogurt toppings

It’s not only a great alternative to ice cream, provided you don’t cave when you see the sugary side of the toppings bar, but it’s also wallet friendly. The price depends on weight, which you decide since the whole process is self serve. So if you don’t have a lot of money, opt for a smaller serving and less toppings.

As an added bonus once September hits, students who show their idea card get a 10% discount.

student discount card

Tutti Frutti is also active on social media. Go find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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