Get involved on campus! Find out how!

So you’ve just started your semester and you’ve settled into the routine of classes, exams and assignments…but what about taking your university experience a few steps further this semester? TRU has several opportunities to get more involved on campus and improve your skills, gain hands on work experience and connect with new people. If you’re wondering where to begin, we’ve got a list of options that you can explore.

1. Work Study Positions

Work study roles in different departments at TRU are a great way to get involved in either your on field of study or an entirely different field. Work part-time with professors, administrators and researchers on campus to expand your skill set. Learn more about the work study program here and be sure to regularly check the bulletin board outside OM 1631 for updates on available positions.

2. Be a TRU Ambassador

Are you proud to be a member of the TRU family? If so, you can formally represent TRU on behalf of various departments in the role of an ambassador. Interested in the sustainable development of our planet? Maybe opt to be a Sustainability Ambassador. If you love to travel and immerse yourself in different cultures by spending a semester abroad, you’d make a great Study Abroad Ambassador. TRU’s Orientation and Transition Ambassadors help new students settle in to the routines of TRU and conduct helpful outreach events throughout the year. If you’re keen on promoting TRU as a study destination to students around the world and you’re quite savvy with social media, perhaps TRU World’s Social Media Ambassador position is the one for you.
These are only a few of the various ambassador positions available on campus. Find out if your department has one and how you can apply!

3. Volunteer

There’s always something exciting happening on campus and at the heart of each of these events are the student and faculty volunteers that come together to make it a success! Volunteering is a great way to put your classroom learning into practice and make new friends in the process. Some of the big events that you could volunteer your skills for include iDays, Student Orientation, Chinese New Year Celebrations, International Orientation and many more. The next time you hear of an event that interests you, don’t hesitate to find out how you can volunteer. It doesn’t hurt that volunteers at TRU events usually go home with some cool TRU swag!

4. Join a Club

Have you been aching to find a crew to dance with? Or maybe just a group of people that love cars as much as you do? With over 80 student run clubs on campus, you can delve deeper into your hobbies or maybe even pick up a new one. If you enjoy something, there’s almost certainly a TRU club dedicated to it! And if not, you’re always welcome to start your own! You can find a list of the active clubs on campus over here.

5. Lend your Voice to the Students’ Union

TRU’s Students’ Union (TRUSU) is a membership organization that is constantly working towards ensuring that the students of TRU are heard in all decision making processes. You can get involved in one of the different committees in the union or even pitch in as a volunteer. Working with TRUSU can really give you an insight into the workings of creating a fun, productive and safe student environment.

There most certainly are more than 5 ways to get involved on campus, but we hope this list can get you started. You can explore working in the food services on campus, Co-op positions, Supplemental Learning Tutoring, Writing Centre Tutoring and a lot more. Remember, if you’re keen on a position or department, don’t hesitate to ask how you can get involved! Don’t forget to share this with your friends and share your experiences of being involved on campus with #myTRU to win some fun prizes!

Here’s to a TRUly awesome semester!

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