Crushing Your Anxiety

It’s officially April! The most stressful time of year is approaching quickly and it can be even more hectic when you struggle with anxiety. Anxiety is much more common than you may think, in fact 1 in 5 Canadians show symptoms. Here are some ways to help when feeling anxious or stressed during finals.

Exercise! It increases your endorphins and distracts you from the problem. You`ll approach finals feeling relaxed and replenished.

Spend time with people. It`s easy to get too caught up in studying and lose sight of your social life. When in need of a break, be sure to hang out with your friends and family to give your mind a break.

Listen to happy, uplifting music. It will help with your mood towards studying.

If exercising isn`t for you, you could also try doing some art. It is supposedly helpful for those with anxiety because it helps with expressing yourself. It is also a great distraction tactic.

Go to sleep early! It may sound impossible when studying for exams but sleep deprivation is actually a huge anxiety culprit.

Cut down on caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that can trigger a fight or flight effect in your body as well as trigger insomnia. So consider going without your morning cup of coffee!

Breathe. When you initially get an anxiety attack it is important to calm your breathing. This is probably the most effective way to become relaxed right away.

Write in a journal or talk to a friend. Venting about those stressful situations help to release them from your mind. You`ll stop being fixated on what`s making you anxious and be able to go on with your day.

Read your favourite book, or watch your favourite movie! Falling into stories that make you happy as well as allows you to focus on something other than school is very important.

Make a to-do list. This is every anxious person’s best friend. Don`t let all the things you have to do make you overwhelmed. Write them all down and create realistic time frames for each one.



Just remember that you`ll get through whatever challenge you face and that you are more powerful than your anxiety!

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