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On September 28th, 2017 don’t forget to check out the Pride Parade at TRU! . For the past 6 years, every September, the Pride Parade gathers international and domestic students, staff, and community members in order to increase awareness of the LGBTQ Community, make LGBTQ students feel safe at the university. It is an awesome excuse to socialize and have fun.

TRUSU Pride Parade 2016


Pride parades have been popular because of its bright colorful flags and outfits. The pride flag was created by Harvey Milk in 1978, and it has a specific meaning: red is for life, orange is for healing, yellow is for sunlight, green is for nature, blue is for harmony and purple is for spirit. The parade shows how people from those communities have been struggling in society throughout history and are trying to get recognition.


What about Pride Parades around the world?


  • Europe

The very first South-Eastern European Pride, called The Internationale Pride, aimed to promote the human right to freedom of assembly in some Eastern European states. In early 2000, only Slovenia and Croatia had a tradition of organizing Pride events. Late European LGBT community tried to manifest in Croatia in 2006, so this event brought together representatives from more European countries where people could not find appreciation.


  • Asia

The first Pride Parade in Asia was hold in The Philippines in 1994. Later, in Taiwan, people organized the parade in slightly different ways from the USA and Europe. For example, parades seek foundation from corporations targeting gay customers, and during the parade, participants share the road with cars, bikes, while in other countries government blocks the road to provide safe conditions. Also, Taiwan has the biggest parade in Asia. For instance, in 2015 the amount of participants was about 80,000.


  • North America & South America

Pride parade was made in the 70th of the last century by American bisexual rights activist Brenda Howard, who now is called ‘Mother of the Parade’. Now America holds the biggest amount of LGBT pride parades. Every state has their parades, which is over 140 along the whole country. Many cities have LGBT communities, which annually organize parades. In 2015 only 10 major cities counted over 5 million participants! Yet the biggest parade in the world was in Brazil which held 5 million people in 2006. It was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records!


  • Africa

The first parade in South Africa was in Johannesburg in 1990. Their pride parades were historically used for protection of legal discrimination against LGBT people, and for the celebration of equality in society. Like a few other countries around the world, South Africa has made any discrimination of sexual orientation to be against its Constitution in 1996.


  • Australia & Oceania

According to ABC News, The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras was the largest Australian pride event and one of the largest in the world in 2009. Australian started to celebrate the pride and became active in protection LGBT in 1980s when people protested to uphold their rights.


In every continent people have Pride Parades, but in 77 countries pride is still not allowed. At TRU, we are proud to provide a safe and accepting environment to all our students, faculty and community members!


TRUSU Pride Parade 2016


What does pride means to YOU? Share your thoughts and be entered to win some TRU swag! 


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