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Here’s what happens in summer.


Summer > Free Time > Laziness > Introspection

You ask yourself…

“Why can’t I lift this backpack easily?”


  “Why is this cake so heavy to carry?”

Perhaps it’s that time of the year when you start debating about your personal strength. Personally, I do it everyday.


If that’s the case maybe you have been wondering what does True Strength mean? If yes, Then meet Saitama (If not, well still meet Saitama, and yes, I know he’s bald)


Next question you might have, HOW THE HELL DID HE GET SO STRONG?!

Here’s what he has to say about this strength training :



That’s right! Squats!

Heavy and Deep!


Incase you don’t know what’s a squat, Look below.


Let me shed some Science on you (Mind you, this is no Bro Science!)

Pick up any scholarly article and they would set your mind ablaze with all the great benefits of squatting such as increasing core strength, leg strength, better muscle mass, improved motor functions and the list goes on.

Now, before you go and say….

I prefer bench press instead.

Let me say, for one, bench press is good for your upper body (Do even more of it!). You need to train your lower body too because you do not want to look like a chicken. If you do, well hey, who am I to judge….

I prefer leg press instead.

Well, Klaus et. al. suggest that leg press doesn’t require balancing the weight as much as back squat does. Consequences? Less muscle activity. They further add that leg press spares the last 45° extension motion in the hip.

so f*cking what?

Well buddy, that means you are not training all your muscles.

No one even gives a s*it about what you have to say.

Well, studies suggest otherwise. Strength exercises, particularly squat has shown better results for speed and agility.


Science aside, here are a few other reasons why you should squat.

1.It’s fun. I mean look at her smile when she managed to turn a front squat into a jerk!


2.Squatting is like life, the weight on your shoulders would bury you into the ground. But it’s upto you to get back up!


3.You like Ice cream? I do too. I eat it everyday.  I squat every other day too. No excess weight or diabetes. (yet)

4.Your cat hates you? Minimum wage job? That one girl you keep asking out, repeatedly insisted that you leave her alone? Then Squat! nothing’s going to change but you would be less frustrated.

5. The competition is within! Conquer yourself! Be a winner!