7 programs at TRU you didn’t know about

Are you thinking about studying at TRU but can’t choose a program? Our university offers over 80 programs for international students. Here’s a list of 7 awesome programs that you might want to consider.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Interested in public relations and social media? Then this is for you! In this program, you can take a closer look at different media forms and participate in creating your own creative projects.

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies

Who didn’t dream of being an actor in childhood? The program covers different elements of theatre such as acting, designing, directing and so much more! Every year theatre students are involved in the production of the ongoing season. All students are welcome to participate in plays, just come to audition! 

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  • Bachelor of Arts: Geography and Environmental Studies

Is geography your passion? Why not study it at TRU? You can study hydrology, urban geography, climatology, historical geography and more within one program! Geography department often offers field trips abroad for its students to get hands-on experience. Study and travel with TRU! 

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  • Bachelor of Science in Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology

If you ever dreamed of wearing a white coat and working in a lab here’s your opportunity! Learn more about biochemistry and its importance in nature. This program is for everyone! Introduction courses will help you on your journey into complexities of microbiology. 

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  • Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Environmental Biology

Another Science program where you can take a closer look at principles of ecology in general, participate in biological research and conduct your own projects. Focus your study on environmental climate change or conservation biology. 

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  • Sport Event Management Diploma

Take a look at sports from a business perspective. This is a short program that will help you gain a deep understanding of sports tourism to its fullest. Develop valuable event management skills to organize, market and sponsor sports events in Canada! 

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  • Police and Justice Studies Diploma

TRU offers you a chance to become a part of law enforcement! This two-year program was developed in cooperation with police to make sure that students have all required skills and knowledge including fieldwork practice. 

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What program are you in? Tell us about your experience at TRU! 

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