5 ways to ask your boss for time off

     A few months back I have written a blog about “Questions to ask when choosing a part-time job” and I assume that you have read that post and answered all those questions, as well as already found the  perfect job that suits you the most. From my experience I truly believe that finding the job is the easiest part of this whole job process, but what is most difficult is maintaining that job while balancing other parts of your world.

     For example, summer, a time when thoughts about drinks with little umbrellas in them and imaginary cherishing moments at the beach flutter over your mind.  In which case, you’re probably staring jealously at your friends’ Instagram pictures and wondering how you’re going to survive the summer without going on a single trip. This thought becomes worse when you realize that you are a new employee with zero possibilities of obtaining a flexible schedule.

     If you are in this situation read  this blog and tune into  a very good news; which is , just because you’re a new employee doesn’t mean you have to give up your travel plans. However, it can be difficult to ask your boss for a day, a weekend, or a longer period of time off. But, there are a number of things that you can do to make it more likely that your request will be granted. Depending on your boss’ personality and attitude towards vacation time, there are a number of approaches that can work. 

  • 1. Start With Your Performance:  This approach is best for bosses whose main concern regarding granting time off is that you might fall behind on work. If you start by presenting the proof that you’re on top of things – or even ahead in some areas – your boss may be more likely to allow the vacation knowing that you’ve planned ahead for it with a little extra work. It will also remind your boss that you work hard, and you deserve a break.
  • 2. Plan Ahead and Request Early: The more notice you give your boss about a planned vacation, the more likely it is you’ll get an approval. Giving your boss enough time allows for someone to be found to fill in for you will show your boss that you care about the business running well.  
  • 3. Time Your Request Strategically : Choose a time and day when things at work are flowing smoothly and your boss doesn’t appear stressed over staffing issues.
  • 4. Articulate Your Request Without Demands. When asking for time off, be sure you’re requesting, not demanding. Ask your boss if you can have the time off rather than announcing that you’re planning to be away.
  • 5. Put Your Request in Writing. Putting a request in to your boss in an email or by other written system will allow your boss to consider the request without feeling pressured to give an immediate response.

     No matter what approach to take to ask for time off, remember that following company policy, asking respectfully and with proper timing, and ensuring that you have your responsibilities under control are always smart choices.Requesting your vacation time the right way will help your work relationships to stay positive and you get the time off you are planning for. 

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