5 social media things you need to adopt in UNI

Hello everyone, so the other day I was having a conversation about social media with one of my friends and we realized that there were tips and tricks to use for our accounts in order to make it silly and shame proof.


  1.   The “Mom Test”

Social Media is very informal and they say it “personal”, but don’t let that fool you. I believe that no one should post anything that they wouldn’t want your mom to see. You may laugh, but seriously. In hindsight if you wouldn’t want to show your mom your posts, why show a potential employer?

  1. Mind your language

Number one you want to be respectful of others and you do not want to be flagged on internet that could damage any potential social media accounts that you have. And secondly you do not want your employer going through your pictures and questioning your behaviour before even meeting you


  1. Do not  #hashtag bomb

If you want to be a professionals on Instagram: Be your brand and know your brand. You should always post with a purpose. But if you’re not ….STOP IT! Hashtag bombs where you #hashtag just to do it just annoys people and is not very helpful ( just saying)


  1. Make your bio shine

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram display a little bio along with your profile. Depict yourself wisely ! This bio does not represent you but its the words you use that will make people want to get to know you.giphy-2

  1. Internet is forever

Just so you know “once something is out on the Internet, it is there forever”. OH Yeahhhh, you may press “delete” when you realize you posted something you shouldn’t have, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is out there. So i other word please use your brains always think before you post.


Stay wise everyone and if you have any questions or comments for me feel free to leave them below and follow us on instagram and twitter 🙂

Now go take selfies and stay flawless


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