5 reasons to get involved on a University Campus


  1. It allows students to become involved and aware of their campus, Universities are full of resources and teaches them responsibility it is on the student to learn time management and organizational skills, which will serve them down the line for their respective careers.



  1. You make friends and create a campus community. Since leaving their family and sometimes their friends behind, getting involved helps students discover new friends with similar interests. Personally, I have met the majority of my friends on campus through getting involved! Usually, you join a club/team because it interests you, and that way it becomes very easy to make friends because you already have something in common! These relationships will last throughout your university years and it is always great to meet people outside of your program!


  1. It allows students to discover their passions, find strengths and build their network. This is a word you will hear a lot when you come to university, and when I say a lot I mean at least once a day or more (in my case). Networking is crucial once you graduate university, so why not start early? Getting involved on campus will give both access to a broader social network and professional network! These connections that you make now, will benefit you in the future and you never know whom you might meet in the meantime! These will follow them all through life. It allows them to discover of they don’t like, too.



  1. It’s a resume builder. Freshman year is not too soon to be thinking about positioning your- self for future employment. Nowadays, employers aren’t just looking for education; they’re going to want to see that you also have experience and can work with others in groups! Getting involved on campus is a great way to get that experience before you even graduate and form bonds that would get you the most useful recommendation letters.


  1. Getting involved brings you opportunities. Want to attend Conferences? Trips? Get Awards? Campuses are full of opportunities. If you are very involved on campus and are useful groups on campus can send delegates to conferences (I attended the CSL A Leadership conference last semester). These opportunities are not something that you want to pass up, so it’s better to get involved sooner, rather than later and try and make a mark on your campus.


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